Canon Medical Systems is the first manufacturer to offer a hydraulic self-loading relocatable MR scanner for the UK.

Innovative relocatable system can be delivered and up and running quickly and easily. First use will be at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in July 2014.

Crawley, UK. July 29th 2014 – Canon Medical Systems Ltd today unveils its latest newly launched MRI system, the Vantage Elan™ 1.5T. Previously only available in Japan, The state-of-the-art relocatable MR scanner hits the UK roads on the 24th July in Glasgow, where it forms part of the onsite medical facility at the Commonwealth Games for which Canon Medical is the official medical systems provider.

The unique relocatable unit was designed in partnership with Bristol-based, WH Bence Ltd, one of Europe’s leading specialist vehicle manufacturers. The relocatable MR scanner offers the patient and clinician almost 50% more space than conventional mobile MRI units.  At 3.5m wide, Canon’s new relocatable Vantage Elan MRI does not require a separate escort vehicle to follow the unit during transportation despite its roomy design.

The result is a unique relocatable that enjoys the versatility of a mobile, as it is easy and inexpensive to transport, but with the added advantages of easier patient, and clinician access, and space. The unit is furnished with an onboard diesel generator, which is able to power the scanner and the chiller, to keep the magnet running during transport. Designed for patient and clinician comfort, the unit incorporates inspirational interior design aspects including; ambient

lighting, visual displays on walls and ceiling, Freeview TV and sound system, as well as hot and cold running water.

The relocatable is armed with a specially designed super low loader trailer, which results in a reduction of the overall height of the unit during transportation. This will enable Canon Medical Systems UK to rent the unit to customers across Europe if required. The super low loader trailer also benefits from rear steering axles, which can be steered via remote control, this offers greater manoeuvrability to gain access on site. An MRI compatible wheelchair and patient transfer gurney/PAT slide are included with the unit.

Mark Hitchman, UK Managing Director for Canon Medical Systems comments: “One disadvantage of a relocatable previously was that they needed to be craned into different customer sites. This often posed certain access restrictions and meant that relocatables were not ideal for short term rentals due to the substantial costs of hiring in a crane. With our relocatable we have come up with a unique design, together with WH Bence in Bristol, to incorporate hydraulic lifting legs into each corner of the housing“.

Canon’s new relocatable MR can however, still be craned into position. Moreover, the stainless steel legs can fully support the 27T container allowing the relocatable unit to lift itself from the super low loader trailer, to a height that the trailer can be driven out from underneath. The MRI relocatable unit can then be lowered into position quickly and easily.

The Vantage Elan™ MRI scanner provides outstanding clinical and economic benefits together with a wide variety of advanced technologies. A 1.4m ultra-short magnet with excellent magnetic field homogeneity ensures ultra high image quality, whilst reducing patient anxiety and ensuring more comfortable examinations. With patient comfort in mind, Pianissimo™ ∑ technology dramatically reduces scanner noise, whilst zero helium boil-off system and Eco mode technology minimizes system operating costs, with power consumption being dramatically reduced when the system is idle.

The system requires only a small installation footprint, which means that installation work can be completed quickly and easily. Complete with a set of post-processing options, including cardiovascular, neuro and MSK applications, the scanner will arrive at a venue or hospital ‘ready-to-go’. Canon will also provide free applications training as part of the service as it travels from centre to centre.

Outside of the initial Commonwealth Games placement, the relocatable MR scanner will also be used to ensure Canon Medical Systems service levels are maintained as the highest in the industry. The challenge of meeting near 100% uptime is one that Canon Medical Systems is proud of maintaining. The mobile scanner protects and enhances this quality assurance and uptime record.

Mark Hitchman continues: “ This latest project yet again demonstrates Canon Medical System’s commitment to innovation. We are delighted to launch the first of this new product, the Vantage Elan 1.5T MRI scanner, a high quality yet economical system, manufactured to high quality standards in Japan, yet producing premium class image quality.“

“By installing this new technology into a unique and ultimately flexible, high quality relocatable unit, we are showing the design creativity that meets the needs of today‘s healthcare providers in the UK and beyond. Apart from the fact that the quality of this installation is first class in every way, the novel way in which this unit can dismount itself from the delivery trailer quickly and easily, means it is a truly flexible relocatable scanner that enjoys greater inside space than a traditional mobile, with almost none of the drawbacks from being bigger, regarding ease of transport“.

After supporting the medical centre at the Commonwealth Games, the system will go to a leading NHS Hospital for long term rental.

About the Vantage Elan™

Superior image quality

Vantage Elan™ incorporates a magnet with high field homogeneity that ensures high image quality in examinations of any clinical region. Combining Canon’s unique scan sequences and imaging techniques, the new MRI system offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the demands of modern clinical environments, including non contrast MRA and fat-suppression techniques.

Eco friendly and economically competitive

Vantage Elan™ has been developed based on environmentally friendly design concepts. Its zero helium boil-off system and Eco mode are extremely effective in minimizing system operating costs. Power consumption is dramatically reduced when the system is not in use. Its small footprint and easy-to-install design mean greater flexibility in system installation for a wide range of hospitals and health centres.

Easy system operation

The new system incorporates M-Power and Atlas SPEEDER technologies, which allow easy system operation even by inexperienced users. The M-Power user interface, which has been optimized based on analysis of clinical workflow efficiency in examinations of every clinical region. EasyTech automatically sets the scanner locator positions for the head, spine and heart, ensuring high image quality. Atlas SPEEDER, Canon’s integrated coil system featuring parallel imaging technology, provides outstanding diagnostic versatility and streamlined workflow, resulting in easy setup and acquisition in all clinical studies.

User interface

Vantage Elan™ employs a new platform to provide user friendly operability. The user interface has been designed in accordance with the ‘universal design’ concept for intuitive operation, enabling even those with less experience to operate the system without difficulty. The new MRI system also employs a new imaging engine, which provides three-dimensional image processing and colour fusion processing, as well as flexible support for clinical application software.

The trailer is owned and run by Canon Medical Systems UK. For rental enquiries please contact Canon Medical Systems on tel: 0800 13 12 11 10


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