Canon Medical Systems Europe is part of the Canon Corporation, with an extensive global network of almost 100 subsidiaries and affiliates outside Japan and over 204,000 employees worldwide. Canon supports system user with an extensive range of diagnostic imaging systems, including CT, MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound, and a burgeoning R&D pipeline, which makes us one of the world’s leading suppliers of medical systems.  Globally recognised as a pioneer within the marketplace ensure we remain at the forefront of this dynamic industry and are capable of responding rapidly to the changing needs of our customers.

Our UK business is a rapidly growing organisation with a team of dedicated Service professionals who provide exceptional levels of service to our valued customers.  To enhance our customer offering in the South East Region, we are looking for a field service engineer to provide complex and expert technical assistance for our leading edge medical diagnostic CT and XR imaging systems.

As a highly motivated and enthusiastic full-time engineer already working in the imaging sector, your passion for supporting patient care through your expertise is what drives your success, along with your understanding that our customers are healthcare professionals who directly influence the health of real people – often our friends and family.  To apply for this role you must hold a recognised engineering qualification.  This role is interesting and varied and involves occasional travel into Europe for training purposes.

Canon Medical Systems attracts and retains highly skilled and solution-focussed individuals, generating a workforce of dynamic and motivated specialists who are dedicated to our customers. By offering a highly competitive salary and benefits package, along with an opportunity to continuously develop expertise, Canon offers meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities.  If you want a challenging and satisfying role, are committed to providing exceptional customer satisfaction, and have a track record of achievements in your field, we want you in the Canon team.

Excellent benefits package including Basic Salary, Bonus, Company Car, Pension, Private Medical Insurance, Income Protection and Life Assurance

To be considered for this highly rewarding position, please send your CV with a covering letter as application to

Closing date 30th November 2015

Countess of Chester US November 2015

Canon Medical Systems recently handed over The Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust a Canon Next Generation Aquilion ONE CT scanner.

The Next Generation Aquilion ONE CT system has a new PUREVision detector which provides unparalleled image resolution with exceptional dose savings. Next Generation Aquilion ONE includes Canon’s latest-generation iterative dose reconstruction software, AIDR 3D advanced, which is fully integrated into the protocols and can be used in all scanning techniques. In addition, the new high speed gantry has a 78cm aperture to accommodate all patients, including bariatric and patients with high heart rates.

Consultant Radiologist and Divisional Medical Director, Dr. Amer Rehman comments: “For a hospital of our size to have such a state-of-the-art CT scanner at our disposal is a major coup. The image quality is fantastic, but the key progress is the speed with which we can capture images of the body, and in particular the heart, which takes cardiac imaging to a new level.   We are now able to image the entire heart and coronary arteries in one ‘cardiac cycle’, and the diagnostic quality is superior to any other scanner in operation.” Dr. Rehman continues, “The process is also a lot kinder for many patients, as we will only rarely need to use Beta Blockers to slow the patient’s heart rate for imaging, and will, therefore, be able to complete the scan more promptly, conveniently, and at a higher quality.”

 Ultra helical scanning capabilities reduce the scanning time to seconds, minimising overall examination times, including the length of time patients are required to hold their breath. The exceptional 4D diagnostic imaging can record a moment in time, or over multiple moments, image dynamic blood flow or the mechanics of joint movement.

Dr. Rehman concludes, “The radiology team at The Countess saw 31,000 patients last year and the new scanner will enable us to be even more efficient and accurate, whilst hopefully both improving throughput and reducing radiation dose. In addition, some of the more common follow-up scans can now be performed with much less radiation and no significant compromise of quality.”


Shown here, left to right, standing: Emma Fondacaro, CT Superintendent Radiographer and Dr. Amer Rehman, Divisional Medical Director. Next to Dr. Rehman are Canon Medical Systems personnel – Lee Martin, CT Applications Specialist; Graham King, Account Executive, CT/MR/XR, and Heather Dring, CT Applications Specialist,

Seated are, left to right, Mike Roberts, Radiography Support Worker and Chris McManus, Senior Radiographer. Standing behind them is Dr. Javier De-Pablos, Consultant Radiologist
Canon Medical Systems has a carbon-zero project in place.   We have calculated the carbon footprint for each of our products to include manufacturing, shipping, delivery and average hospital energy used for the standard lifetime of the equipment as follows:

CT equates to 12 stoves and 48,365 litres of water

Rotherham US November 2015

Rotherham Hospital recently purchased a Canon Aplio 500 ultrasound system. Shown here (left to right, standing): Annette Brammer, Deputy Superintendent Sonographer, and Advanced Practitioner Sonographers: Emma Black, Alisha Ellison, Julia Hill, David Winstanley and Lewis Moore. Sonographer Jacki Copley; Louise Higgins, Applications Specialist, Canon Medial Systems and Michelle Speed, Advanced Practitioner Sonographer

Seated, are Advanced Practitioner Sonographers, on the left, Jessica Booker and on the right, Hannah Cummings


Canon’s Aplio 500 delivers high quality performance. Based on its innovative High Density Architecture, users can obtain clinical images of exceptional resolution and detail. Canon’s unique iStyleTM productivity suite offers a full host of technologies, providing ergonomic relief by reducing keystrokes, improving workflow and raising the consistency of exams. A smaller, lighter form gives great manoeuvrability, while the fully configurable console and intelligent workflow support functions enable fast exams and productivity.

With features such as QuickScan, greater consistency in exams can be achieved by ensuring that superb image quality is the benchmark at all times. With a simple push of a button, the user can automatically optimise image quality in 2D and spectral Doppler modes with acoustic precision while suppressing unnecessary noise and clutter in echo-weak regions.


Canon Medical Systems has a carbon-zero project in place.  We have calculated the carbon footprint for each of our products to include manufacturing, shipping, delivery and average hospital energy used for the standard lifetime of the equipment as follows:

Ultrasound equates to 1 stove and 3,415 litres of water


The Radiology Department at Solihull Hospital, part of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust recently purchased three Canon Aplio 500 ultrasound scanners as replacement systems for general radiology.

Ann Britton, Site Lead Sonographer says, “We chose Canon equipment for its ease-of-use and also the expertise and knowledge provided by Canon’s support staff. We were really pleased with how smoothly the installation process went. Ann continues, “The new systems have been supplied with Canon’s Smart Fusion imaging and we are looking forward to using the new software once we have been trained by Canon staff.”

Canon’s range of Aplio ultrasound systems deliver outstanding performance offering a wide selection of advanced imaging and quantification tools to supply valuable additional information that can help avoid supplementary exams. Its High Density Architecture provides clinical images of exceptional resolution and detail so that the diagnostic answer is always available quickly and reliability. In addition, the comprehensive iStyle+ Productivity Suite supplies the user with a wealth of workflow enhancements and automation functions to improve efficiency and consistency of exams.

It comes with Smart Fusion, Canon’s virtual navigation software that enables the user to remain fully focused on interventional procedures at all times. It allows the sonographer to correlate different imaging modalities in real-time, and to locate difficult lesions, faster, as well as securely navigating complex anatomy and improving confidence while carrying out invasive procedures.

Smart Fusion reads 3D DICOM data sets from all major imaging modalities and shows the corresponding images, in real-time, adjacent to the live ultrasound display. For a comprehensive pre- and post-evaluation of the intervention, Smart Fusion permits the user to work in any ultrasound imaging mode, including colour Doppler and contrast-enhanced ultrasound.

Matching the transducer position with the pre-acquired 3D set is a simple and quick two-step process. By moving the transducer over the region of interest, it is possible to browse the area simultaneously in both real-time ultrasound and pre-acquired volume data. Intelligent target and marker points facilitate navigation in the region of interest. A magnetic position sensor with sub-millimetre accuracy allows for precise spatial correlation of different imaging modalities in real-time. Attaching the sensor to the transducer shaft facilitates undisturbed imaging and intervention.


Pictured at the handover, left to right, standing: Donna Holdcroft, Ultrasound Clinical Specialist, and Jackie Chambers, Ultrasound Applications Specialist, both of Canon Medical Systems; Lianne Nichols, Sonographer; Dr. F. Khattar, Consultant Radiologist; Dr. S. Cooper, Consultant Radiologist & Clinical Lead, Gynaecology; Rachel Jordan, Sonographer and Dr. A. Shimal, Consultant Radiologist

Seated in front, left to right, Ann Britton, Site Lead Sonographer, and Dr. K. Bhatt and Dr. M.Djaerman, Consultant Radiologists


Canon Medical Systems has a carbon-zero project in place. We have calculated the carbon footprint for each of our products to include manufacturing, shipping, delivery and average hospital energy used for the standard lifetime of the equipment as follows:

Ultrasound equates to 1 stove and 3,415 litres of water