India Tech Summit - Official Announcement with PM's


20-Year Partnership Sees Canon Medical Deliver World Class Imaging Equipment, Clinical Training and World-Class Customer Service for unique Healthcare Collaboration Between The UK and India.


UK – 11th November 2016 – Canon Medical, one of the world’s leading medical imaging technology companies, announces a multi-year collaboration with Indo UK Institute of Health’s (IUIH) Medicity Programme to serve as a radiology partner in the area of diagnostic imaging products and services. Canon Medical and IUIH’s new relationship will provide greater access to high quality imaging services for patients in India.


The partnership was announced at the INDO UK Technology Summit inaugurated by the PM of India Mr N Modi and the PM of the UK Theresa May. Dr Liam Fox Secretary of State for Trade and Industry chaired the meeting where the agreement was made public.


The unprecedented 20-year partnership between Canon Medical and IUIH, a forward-looking healthcare provider, will create and deliver real value throughout the continuum of diagnostic imaging, driven by a combination of high technology premium products, clinical training and world-class customer services.


The Indo UK Institute of Health’s (IUIH) Medicity Programme is backed by private investment and supported by governments both in India and the UK. It aims to establish 11 Indo UK Institutes of Health, which will see high quality hospitals, nursing schools and medical colleges developed across India. When fully implemented, the initiative will amount to a huge investment into India’s healthcare system and provide healthcare to 100’s of millions of Indian people with currently no or little access to healthcare.


“We are proud to partner with Indo UK Institute of Health and our mission is to provide medical professionals with solutions that support their efforts in contributing to the health and wellbeing of patients. Together, we strive to create industry-leading solutions that deliver an enriched quality of  life through the broad portfolio of products that we offer but also in our commitment to research and customer education,” said Mr. Takiguchi, CEO and Chief Executive Officer of Canon Medical Corporation, Japan.


In addition to its commitment to provide access to its renowned products and technology, Canon Medical’s commitment includes the sponsorship of a post-graduate training and education center on the campus of one of IUIH’s medicities, and a research collaboration in India to develop more effective and efficient patient pathways.


Mark Hitchman, UK Managing Director at Canon Medical comments: “Healthcare has been identified as one of the priority areas for the two countries to work more closely together as part of the bilateral relationship between India and the UK. As a key strategic partner we are inspired by the philosophy of this project – The NHS in India – therefore we will be assisting IUIH in bringing tangible benefits to the population of India, and in doing so be able to develop beneficial strategies

to support the NHS here in the UK”.


“As a key partner for the project, the benefits of our collaboration are broad ranging and will include the provision of world class imaging equipment and knowledge that will form the basis of advanced medical research and development, plus training and education of imaging professionals in both countries, as well as extensive technology and innovation links – all with the aim of improving patient care and wellbeing.”


Mr. Ajay Rajan Gupta, Managing Director and Group CEO, IUIH said “The partnership with Canon Medical is set to redefine the existing paradigms in healthcare industry. It will add unparalleled value to IUIH at multiple levels. The agreement demonstrates our strategic intent to create a globally admired, affordable and accountable Indo UK Institute of Health Medicities Program. With this partnership we will have access to not just the best in radiology products, but also world-class customer after care, training and ongoing R&D, which will benefit not just the patients in India but reciprocally and ultimately also those in the NHS.”


Photo from left to right:

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Science and Technology India, Theresa May, Prime Minister of U.K, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India