Canon Medical Systems recently launched at the 2016 RSNA meeting in Chicago a new 3T MRI system. The Vantage Galan comes with a host of unique features, offering excellent image quality, streamlined workflow and outstanding patient comfort.


Commenting, Alistair Howseman, Director of Sales CT/XR/MR, Canon Medical Systems, says, “The new system as well as providing outstanding clinical image quality is extremely quiet and remarkably fast. Canon has focused on improving the patient experience and the result is a scanner with a 71cm wide bore aperture which allows the imaging of large patients comfortably and efficiently and a slim gradient design which provides significantly more space between the patient and the inside of the bore, greatly reducing acoustic noise with our patented Pianissimo technology.”


The Vantage Galan includes Pianissimo Zen, Canon’s silent technology, a combination of the company’s well-known Pianissimo hardware and new silent sequences for demanding applications such as FASE-DWI, FF3D and MR angiography. Its industry-leading non-contrast techniques allow for vascular imaging from head to toe, expanding patient access to MR angiography and dramatically improving patient safety. Multi-phase transmission technology provides outstanding homogeneity across all anatomical regions and clinical targets.


Compared to Canon’s conventional coils, Canon’s Atlas SPEEDER coil technology utilises a unique combination of smaller elements, which deliver a higher SNR and larger elements which provide greater penetration. By simultaneously integrating up to 128 channels, Vantage Galan 3T provides better image quality throughout the entire imaging volume. In addition, PURERF Transmit and Receive results in an increase of 20 percent in SNR.  Another feature unique to the new system is ultrashort TE imaging, enabling, for instance, a bright signal from ligaments and tendons.


The Vantage Galan comes with a short and compact bore which lowers patient anxiety and at the same time allows a 3T scanner to be installed in a room originally designed for a 1.5T system.


Photo:  The new Vantage Galan MRI system


Canon Medical Systems has a carbon-zero project in place. We have calculated the carbon footprint for each of our products to include manufacturing, shipping, delivery and average hospital energy used for the standard lifetime of the equipment as follows:

3T MR equates to 47 stoves and 191,250 litres of water.