A new Canon Medical Systems ultrasound scanner for Bedford Hospital

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust recently acquired a Canon Medical Systems’ Aplio i-700 ultrasound system for its Breast Unit.   Based on positive experience with Canon’s equipment, the hospital opted to replace its Aplio XG scanner with the very latest version of the company’s Aplio i-series.

The unit runs a symptomatic breast clinic for Bedford and the surrounding areas, and Sarah Rainford, Consultant Radiographer in breast imaging, commenting on the reasons for selecting Canon Medical Systems, says, “The Aplio i-700 fulfils our wish list.  We are achieving stunning image quality and we also appreciate its ease-of-use due to prior knowledge of the equipment.   We particularly like the movable screen height on the monitor and we are also very satisfied with the excellent support we receive from Canon Medical Systems.”

The new scanner has been delivered with a 1205Bx high frequency probe.   The multiple frequency design of the probe encompasses the traditional 6 and 3.75 MHz curved transducers in one unit, an innovation which saves on cost and promotes efficiency of use since the need for switching during an exam is negated.  It provides superior sensitivity and resolution for both near and far field, and this revolutionary transducer design can also provide better imaging regardless of the patient condition.

Intuitive ergonomics boost productivity during routine and complex exams with iSense, which offers an image-guided user interface to visually assist the physician through the exam, simplifying system operation and helping improve efficiency.  In order to facilitate faster ultrasound exams, the system also features touch control screens and real-time quick scan, which makes mage adjustments, automatically, without pushing a button.   In addition, with flexible panel height adjustment, lateral slide and a fully articulating monitor arm, the Aplio i-series allows the user to optimally adjust the console to virtually any scanning position.


Shown, left to right, Lisa Wright, Ultrasound Applications Specialist Canon Medical Systems; Christian Kasmeridis Radiology Clinical Service Manager; Dr. George Stasinos, Consultant Radiologist Lead of Breast Imaging; Barbara Jaggard, Specialist Radiographer and Glenys Wiltsher, HCA, Radiology Department