Aquilion Lightning Advanced Applications: ADAPTIVE DIAGNOSTICS

SURESubtraction and vHP (variable Helical Pitch) are Canon Medical’s unique Adaptive Diagnostic Scan modes that simplify complex protocols and provide excellent results.


Enhance diagnostic capability of pulmonary CTA studies with blood flow mapping of lung parenchyma. Advanced subtraction techniques provides iodine signal over 3 times higher compared to a dual energy acquisition.


Faster and more accurate diagnosis for CTA studies with automatic pixel perfect registration and subtraction of bones, calcium and stents.


Variable Helical Pitch (vHP) permits seamless change of scan speeds (pitch) during one continuous acquisition, and enables a combination of gated and non-gated acquisitions within one scan. vHP offers enormous benefits in examinations such as the evaluation of aortic dissection and TAVR planning.


Canon Medical’s innovative SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to virtually eliminate metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.


Aquilion Lightning Advanced Applications Frontal and parietal lobes

A large infarct involving the right temporal and parietal lobes


MIP image showing the artery supplying a tumor arising from the celiac axis

Abdominal aorta and arteries

3D-rendered abdominal aorta and arteries

3D Rendered bronchi

3D-rendered bronchi with bone


Metal fixation devices in the left femur


Position and condition check of ­osteosynthesis material

Scapula fracture

3D-rendered left scapula fracture

Hand Fracture

3D-rendered right hand fracture

Lung Volume Ananlysis

Lung Volume Analysis
Quantification of low attenuation regions in lung tissue (regions of pulmonary emphysema)

Colon View

Colon View
Advanced visualization and reporting tools for CT Colonoscopy. Display Includes fillet view, fly-through and polyp tagging


Real-time reconstruction and display of ­fluoroscopic images for faster, safer interventional procedures

Vessel View

Vessel View
Generates and displays CPR and cross-cut images of blood vessels

Fat Index View

Fat Index View
Automatically calculates the ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat as a prognostic indicator of metabolic syndrome


Automated digital subtraction of intracranial vessels from bone

CBP Study

CBP Study
Blood flow characteristics are analyzed from dynamic scan images and the results are ­displayed as map images

Dental Analysis

Dental Analysis
Comprehensive dental MPR software with easy-to-use tools for pre-operative planning

Cardiac - Sure Cardio Scoring

Provides fast and easy evaluation of calcium based on non-contrasted, ECG-gated data directly from the Aquilion Lightning console