Arrowe Park Hospital, part of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, selected Canon Medical Systems Aplio i-600 ultrasound systems to replace its aged scanners. The Trust purchased eleven machines to be installed over four sites:  five scanners for general use at Arrowe Park, plus one mobile system; three scanners located at the Breast Screening unit at Clatterbridge Oncology Hospital, and two systems for outlying community centres.

Gail Green, Ultrasound Manager explains “Our old scanners were supplied by Toshiba (now Canon Medical Systems) and their performance over the years has been extremely reliable, backed up by the excellent support we have received from Toshiba/Canon. Therefore, on the strength of past experience and our long-standing relationship, we decided to stay with Canon. Our decision was reinforced, when we were very impressed with the installation of the new machines and disposal of the old equipment. All systems over the four sites, including the connection to PACS were up and running within two weeks with no hiccups.”   

The Aplio i-600 offers robust performance that can be relied on for a wide range of clinical taks.   Combined with a full range of easy-to-use tools for advanced diagnostics and precise interventional work, it ensures diagnostic confidence and superior productivity.

Gail continues, “We were looking for a work-horse scanner with good image quality and penetration and the Aplio i-600 certainly fits the bill. In addition there is the possibility to upgrade the system should we wish to do so. Another benefit is its small footprint, which makes it less cumbersome and easier to manoeuvre, particularly when taking the machine to the bedside.”    

Photo line up left to right: Margaret Baird, Deputy Radiology Services Manager; Paula Connor, Ultrasound Applications Specialist, Canon Medical Systems; Gail Green, Ultrasound Manager; Adam Cameron, Trainee Sonographer, and seated, Janette Ogalino-Gittins, Sonographer; Lynn Parkington, Sales Specialist, formerly of Canon Medical Systems; Anne Moreton, Sonographer and Deborah Smith, Ultrasound Clinical Support Worker