Canon Medical Systems’ Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT scanner improves patient experience at Arrowe Park Hospital

Canon Medical Systems’ Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT system was recently installed at Arrowe Park Hospital, a large acute hospital and part of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Gail Green, CT/Ultrasound Manager explains, “The new Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition scanner benefits from a flared gantry which we find can alleviate worries from anxious patients.   This improves patient experience whilst also allowing staff better access to the patient.   The system is consistently performing exceptional quality scans at lower doses and with less contrast agent than we have been able to achieve before.”   Gail continues, “We chose Canon Medical Systems to deliver our new CT system as we have been impressed with the efficiency of Canon’s service provision in the past and are confident that they are able to continue to provide us with a high quality customer service.”

The Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition transforms routine imaging to new levels of image detail and low contrast resolution, balanced for each clinical question to the right dose.  A completely redesigned X-ray system from photon generation to beam distribution and detection is the basis of  PUREVision Optics, resulting in a better balance between image quality and dose.   It comes with a reconstruction speed of 80 fps, and is also equipped with Canon Medical Systems’ low dose software, AIDR 3D Enhanced.

The Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition comes with a wide 78 cm bore for improved access to the patient from both the rear and front of the gantry, and a gantry tilt of ±30 degrees. The system is equipped with Canon Medical Systems’ Tech Assist Lateral Slide technology to ensure safety and comfort. Using SUREPosition the patient can be remotely positioned into the exact iso-centre, ensuring best practice in CT accuracy.

The installation was a turnkey project provided by Canon Medical Systems with the new ‘tech room’ freeing up space and making the scan room environment more relaxed.  During the installation period, Canon Medical Systems supplied Arrowe Park Hospital with a relocatable CT scanner so that installation did not impact on capacity and workflow.

Gail Green adds, “The Canon Medical Systems’ design team configured the existing area to maximise the available examination room space, as we were compromised by the space we had initially when looking at new systems.  The new area design allowed us to remove the computer cabinets to an adjoining room so that we could de-clutter the scan room.”

With three Canon systems in use at Arrowe Park, Canon Medical Systems is now the sole provider of CT scanning at the hospital.


Shown here, (left to right) Colin Murray, Account Manager, Canon Medical Systems; Pam Black, Radiology Service Manager; Linda Horsfall, District Sales Manager, North & Scotland, Canon Medical Systems; Karl Taylor CT Principal Radiographer; Yvonne Jones, Clinical Service Lead for Radiology; Gail Green, CT/Ultrasound Manager; Dr, Dan Earnshaw, Consultant Radiologist and Jennie Brady, CT Radiographer