Diagnostic Ultrasound in Cardiology

A broad echocardiography product portfolio provides top image quality in greyscale and Color-Doppler in 2D and 3D, ease-of-use, combined with many workflow enhancements. Based on pioneering developments in speckle tracking in 3D (3D WMT = Wall Motion Tracking) and in 2D, tools for a comprehensive analysis of myocardial function facilitate better and faster diagnostics for functional heart disease. Bringing 3D echocardiography and 3D Cardiac CT together a combined anatomical and functional analysis can be provided in an advanced AI-driven unique approach.


2D Greyscale Imaging: parasternal long axis view

2D Wall Motion Tracking: Segmental Longitudinal Strain of the LV

2D-Doppler Imaging: Regurgitant Jets

3D TEE: mitral valve visualized with surface rendering mode

3D WMT: Multiplane and Polar View of LV Rotation

3D WMT: Single Plane Myocardial Contractility and 3D Volume Display of Myocardial Motion Vectors

Customer quote

“ Fusion of the coronary morphology of CT with the cardiac function from Ultrasound is a clear step forward in the diagnosis of cardiac diseases. 3D Wall Motion Tracking (3DWMT) on the Aplio i900 provides true 3D tracking of the cardiac tissue and can detect abnormalities of cardiac mechanics due to pathology such as CHD.”

Prof. Jose Luis Zamorano
Professor of Medicine at the University Alcala de Henares, Madrid and the Chief of Cardiology at the University Hospital Ramón y Cajal Carretera de Colmenar