Interventional X-Ray in Cardiology

Our interventional systems deliver images with greater clarity and precision, better supporting your decisions and improving patient outcomes. Combined with industry-leading dose optimization technologies, enhanced workflow, and a new set of features, the Alphenix family will provide your patients with safer, faster, and better treatments.


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Radial access

Our complete Alphenix family has a unique flexibility in C-arm movement and positioning, allowing you to work in a comfortably position without the need to reposition the table or your patient.

Multi Modality Roadmap

Multi Modality Roadmap enables the overlay of a 3D prepared dataset from 3D Angio, CT or MR on live fluoroscopy in real time to provide additional 3D information of vessel architecture, surrounding anatomy or simple landmarks.

Spot ROI

Spot ROI reduces dose outside the region of interest while still allowing visualization of the surrounding anatomy to aid device placement. Spot Fluoro uses a novel Automatic Brightness Control algorithm which permits asymmetric collimation to dramatically reduce patient dose as well as scatter radiation to clinical staff.

Dose Tracking System (DTS)

DTS estimates dose delivery to the patient’s skin in real time and displays it on a color-coded map, allowing the physician to choose a different approach during a long procedure avoiding regions where dose thresholds are almost reached.

Customer quote

“ The Biplane enables both simple and complex interventions to be carried out in clinical practice. With the complicated redesign and installation process almost complete, the hospital has already started to benefit from this state-ofthe-art investment.The system clearly improved our technological capacity, provides multiple viewing options and better head access, as well as significantly reducing radiation exposure.”

Prof. Dipen Shah
Director of the Cardiac Electrophysiology Unit,
University Hospital Geneva (HUG), Geneva, Switzerland.