Patient-centered clinical care

Precision medicine is emerging; a better understanding of cancer’s genetics, tumor size and the patient are needed to offer a patient-tailored treatment. All with the ultimate goal to reduce the burden of cancer and improve outcome and quality of life for the individual patient.

Patient-centered care can help decide what treatment will work for the patient. To achieve this, fast and quantitative imaging tools that provide the highest detail and accuracy in a safe and patient-friendly manner are a prerequisite. In addition, effective use of vast volumes of medical data and cumulative information is increasingly needed.

Providing innovative solutions throughout the full oncology care cycle —from diagnosis and staging to monitoring and treatment Canon Medical offers solutions to help you care for your patients while streamlining your workflow.

What we can do for you and your patients

  • Improve diagnosis, treatment and follow-up through Ultrasound’s Liver Analysis Suite, a full package for the fatty liver to liver cancer range.
  • Improve productivity and the diagnostic process of oncologic lesions using the intuitive, fast and accurate Olea Sphere.
  • Improve the diagnostic accuracy of pancreatic and billiary tumors by using the Ultra High Resolution of the Aquilion Precision CT in combination with Deep Learning Reconstruction for CT, AiCE (Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine).
  • Convert medical images into 3D printed models allowing patient specific models for a wide range of applications from patient education to planning of complex surgical and interventional oncology procedures.
  • Guide your catheter with confidence to all tumor feeding arteries using the advanced Embolization Planning application.
  • Offer your patient the best oncological care using Alphenix 4D CT suite; A platform to combine a wide area detector CT Aquilion ONE / GENESIS Edition, an Alphenix Sky+ C-arm and an Aplio i800 UL-system. Together, a seamless integrated solution for the most advanced Oncology care.
  • Perform diagnostic and therapeutic needle interventions efficiently using Ultrasound’s Smart Fusion Technology to combine the 3D anatomical presentation of MR and CT to the real-time advantage of UL.
  • Visualize the smallest tumor angiogenesis with CT-Perfusion for the detection and localization of recurrences after ablative treatments in follow-up imaging.

Customer quotes

“ My aim is to have the best image quality possible. New applications are explored with the latest developed sequences. With the Vantage Galan 3T, Canon Medical has a real competitive product offer in this market.”

Dr. Xavier Alomar
Head of Radiology,
Clinica Creu Blanca, Barcelona, Spain


“ My Aplio has become indispensable in my day to day management of patients with cancer. I have confidence in my decision-making based on the consistently high image quality I can achieve on even the most difficult of patients.”

Prof. Afshin Gangi
Professor of Radiology,
Chief, Interventional Radiology,
University Hospital Strasbourg, France


“ Our use of Interventional Radiology has increased by 400% over the last three years. Our current priority is to develop techniques on thermoablation of tumors of the liver using multi-modality imaging, which combines CT scan, ultrasound and angiography. Nearly 40% of liver tumors are not detect able with ultrasound and 20% cannot be picked up with CT scanning. The combina tion of these imaging modalities, as well as the ability to mark the tumors endovascu larly, has enabled us to perform three times more thermoablation treatments over the last three years with subsequent Interventional follow-up.”

Prof. Boris Guiu
Head of the Radiology Department,
University Hospital in Montpellier, France