The GENESIS Edition provides intelligent technology for increased patient safety and superior patient care.

Aquilion ONETM / GENESIS Edition goes beyond the evolution of dynamic volume Computed Tomography. Intensive clinically focused research and breakthrough technological developments have culminated in a CT system with industry-leading spatial resolution and reduced radiation dose requirements.

GENESIS Edition maximizes the patient experience during CT examinations, and through intelligent examination protocols, provides excellent image quality with low radiation and contrast dose tailored to each and every patient.


SAFER IMAGING. Clearer outcomes

Canon Medical redefines the standard of detector efficiency lowering patient dose by up to 40%. >>>


AiCE quickly produces stunning CT images that are exceptionally detailed and with the low-noise properties you might expect of a future advanced MBIR (Model-based Iterative Reconstruction) algorithm. >>>

Economize on space

GENESIS Edition is smaller, lighter, and requires less power than any other premium CT system. >>>

Making your workflow

GENESIS Edition helps to make complex exams easier, reducing dose and improving diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility. >>>


The right application

GENESIS Edition offers a comprehensive suite of Adaptive Diagnostic solutions to make complex exams easier and to improve diagnostic precision and reproducibility. >>>