Dr. Gray’s Hospital, Elgin, part of NHS Grampian recently replaced its Aquilion 64 with a state-of-the-art Aquilion Prime SP 160 CT scanner from Canon Medical Systems

Mark Shannon, Radiography Manager, comments, “Having for many years valued the quality of service and support from Canon for various modalities, it was clear to the team at Dr. Gray’s that the Canon CT range was going to be considered for our replacement scanner. In the ten years since our last scanner was installed, the progress in software development, within the industry in general, has added considerable options to access high-end functionality to all modalities, not just CT. This is fantastic news for patients and clinicians alike as it reduces dose, improves acquisition times and yields more information.”

Dr. Gray’s is a District General Hospital and only has a single CT scanner. Mark explains, “During any installation we have to ensure a cross-sectional imaging service is available at all times. We also have to remain flexible for the needs of elective and unplanned exams, and to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff.” Instead of the ‘traditional’ van in a car park solution Canon offered to install an interim service within the department. Mark continues, “This provided us with a range of exams to maintain the service and allowed the workflow within the safe environment of the department to be maintained. Following the installation of our replacement scanner, Canon’s Aquilion Prime SP, the response from patients, staff and referrers has been highly positive. The radiography team was delighted with the transition from old to new. Not only does the new software platform provide ease and familiarity to acquisition, but applying additional functions was an intuitive process. On a practical level, the larger bore and lateral couch movement contribute to a less stressful and physically demanding day, as well as allowing patients to feel more relaxed. Radiologists appreciate the additional software available within the package, and particularly value the thin-client post-processing capability afforded with the introduction of Vitrea-Extend. These additional packages are all very intuitive to learn, but nonetheless, delivered with minimal fuss and well supported by an excellent applications specialist”.  

In conclusion, Mark says, “Hardware and software aside, the most positive impact of this installation has been the ease with which it happened. From initial discussion to completion of the build, Canon and the company’s partners have been excellent, providing regular updates and advice. We are now better prepared to meet the challenges that face us!”

The Aquilion Prime SP sets new standards of image quality, whilst providing the lowest possible dose for every patient. Built with premium technology migrated straight from the company’s high-end CT, it facilitates the handling of all patients from paediatric to bariatric, including the most challenging cases, while providing staff with a fast and efficient solution to make their work easier.

Photo caption: Left to right; Deborah Searle, Radiographer; Eilidh Jackson, Charge Nurse; Dr. Struan Wilkie, Consultant Radiologist; Lyndsay Smith, Radiographer; Mark Shannon , Radiography Manager; Nicola Goodman, Anne Wood, Rachael Brown, Catherine Dyer, Arlene More, Radiographers and Iain Gray, Account Manager, Canon Medical Systems