Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary acquires a Canon Medical Systems Aquilion Prime SP CT system

Canon Medical Systems recently supplied Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary with a state-of-the-art Aquilion Prime SP CT system.   The new system, which replaced an existing Aquilion 64 scanner was launched in 2017, and is the first of its type to be installed in Scotland    It incorporates cutting-edge technologies designed to meet current, as well as future, healthcare needs.

Commenting on the new installation, Christine West, Superintendent CT Radiographer says, “Our previous Aquilion 64 system performed well and was well supported by both applications and service.”

The hospital has recently moved to a brand new building, which highlighted the need for reliable service and support.   Christine adds, “Our team not only appreciated the new advances in technology that the Aquilion Prime SP brought and the positive impact that these advances would bring to their work, but just as important was the relationship that they had with Canon Medical Systems’ personnel.   The strong relationship meant that they felt secure and supported with the move to the new site and that they were dealing with a manufacturer that they trust.”

Christine continues, “Since the Aquilion Prime SP has been in use there has been a significant improvement in dose, which impressed the staff, and other technologies, such as SEMAR, have also been well received.   The Tech Assist Lateral Slide couch has made life easier for the radiographers and is therefore likely to have a positive impact on patient experience and comfort, along with saving time.”

The Aquilion Prime SP is a robust, reliable CT system, which provides excellent image quality at the lowest possible dose.   The system has a wide range of integrated technologies to ensure that excellent outcomes are reproducible for every patient, regardless of size and shape.   The system is supported by a highly skilled and dedicated support team of engineers and applications specialists enabling the clinical team to get the very best out of the system for the whole duration of its installation.


Shown here, left to right, Valerie Grierson, Interim Radiology Services Manager; Dr. Petr Hrobar, Consultant Radiologist; Paul Wilson, Radiographer; Dr. Joseph Lastik, Consultant Radiologist; Christine West, CT Superintendent, Iain Gray, Account Executive, Canon Medical Systems, Kirstin McMurray, Specialist Radiographer and Lynn Wilson, Healthcare Support Worker