University College Hospital (UCLH) recently invested in a Canon Medical Systems CT scanner.  It is the first dedicated Emergency Department CT scanner to be installed at UCLH and is also the first Canon Aquilion Prime SP system in London. The acquisition of this brand new system will reduce the amount of time spent, and distance travelled, by an emergency patient going to the CT scanner in the initial ‘golden hour’. It comes equipped with the latest technology, which reduces dose and improves image quality, thereby increasing diagnostic confidence for the emergency team.

Thea Buchan, CT Superintendent Radiographer at UCHL says, “The installation of the Canon Aquilion Prime SP in our emergency department has revolutionalised the flow of our most critical patients through the imaging service. The scanner has performed excellently, both in terms of image quality and dose optimisation and thereby is improving our patient care.”

The new scanner, an Aquilion Prime SP, provides excellent image quality at the lowest possible dose.  It has been delivered with cardiac and perfusion studies enabled and also comes with Canon’s SURESubtraction software packages. In addition, the vHP Variable Helical Parameters technology allows the scanner to perform three scans within a single acquisition, reducing time on the system, contrast agent used and radiation dose to the patient. A robust, reliable CT system, it also comes with Canon’s technology-assisted couch-top lateral sliding feature, which ensures that patient positioning has never been easier.

Photo line up left to right: Eleanor Vella, Operational Superintendent; Jamile Siddiqui, Account Manager, Canon Medical Systems; Christian Metson, Advanced Radiographer; Aimee Sheldon, Radiographer; Darren Boone, Consultant Radiographer and Thea Buchan, CT Superintendent Radiographer