Harrogate Hospital recently purchased two of Canon Medical Systems’ latest Aplio i-1700 ultrasound systems.  The new scanners, which replaced existing equipment, will be used in the hospital’s antenatal clinic, all day and every day. The systems come with an array of new technologies, including Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) and ultra-wide-band i-series transducers


The hospital selected the i-700 series for image quality and reliability. It is anticipated that seeing the anatomy more clearly than ever before will cut down on waiting times and rescans.    Canon Medical Systems’ Made for Life’ philosophy was also influenced the hospital’s choice, with installation and training going very smoothly for the department.


The matrix curvilinear probe the hospital uses with the new systems allows the user to scan a variety of differing body types and gestations with just one probe. Due to the new broadband technology in the probe, it is easy to choose the frequency instead of having to change between high and low frequency probes, as one probe fits all. The multiple frequency probe design encompasses two conventional curved array probes in one unit. This innovation saves on cost and promotes efficiency of use since the need for switching between probes during an exam is negated. In addition, the design of the probe is larger than the usual 6 MHz version and is therefore more ergonomic, assisting in the prevention of RSI.


Another feature liked by the users is the modern appearance of the equipment, with its smaller size being helpful for the department’s compact ultrasound rooms. In addition, the ease-of-use with fewer buttons, large, swipe-able touchscreen and fast ‘boot-up’ times all contribute to shorter waiting times for patients. The intuitive ergonomics boost productivity during daily routine and complex exams with iSense, which offers an image-guided user interface to visually guide the physician through the exam, simplifying system operation and helping improve efficiency. In addition, to make the ultrasound exams faster, the system features touch control screens and real-time quick scan, which makes automatic image adjustments without pushing a button.



Shown here, (left to right), ultrasound applications specialist, Canon Medical Systems: Louise Higgins; sonographers, Samantha Gilmour; Lucy Lambert; Sally Creegan; Emily Forde and Philippa Kirkpatrick, and ultrasound account manager, Canon Medical Systems, Jo Bertelsen