Japan Green Ultrasound


The Japan Medical Centre, a private healthcare facility based at Throgmorton Avenue, London, recently acquired a Canon Xario 200 ultrasound system for general abdominal, vascular and MSK scanning.


Dr. Yoshihiro Takaya, Clinical Director comments, “The new scanner is easy-to-use with excellent image quality.  We have enjoyed stress-free imaging with a Canon Nemio scanner for many years and appreciate its stability and compactness. On the Xario 200 we particularly like the QuickScan software, which enables automatic optimisation of image quality, and also the elastography package, which helps us to evaluate a solid component effectively. Dr. Takaya adds, “We also found Canon’s after-sales support to be particularly helpful and efficient.”


Small, smart and simple, Canon’s Xario 200 comes with outstanding image quality and superior workflow in an easy-to-handle, compact scanner, which includes lightweight, transducers covering a large variety of clinical applications as well as a fully customisable console and a large colour touch command screen. The large 19 inch high-resolution monitor has a fully articulating monitor arm, and ergonomic handgrip, enabling optimised positioning in every challenging environment. Xario’s monitor facilitates full screen mode for increased visibility of the smallest detail. In addition, it is equipped with details such as smart transducer cable management, a standby function to allow quick shutdown and startup in mobile situations and, during probe changes, an illuminated transducer bay area.


The Xario 200 has been engineered to enhance efficiency, increase throughput and boost productivity. Canon’s exclusive iStyle+ productivity suite simplifies procedures and accelerates workflow with a set of automation tools. The customisable user interface and touch screen display, providing one-button access to major imaging modes and functions, reduces operator fatigue. At the touch of a button, exam times are reduced using the fully automated Quick Start menu to optimise image quality and colour flow for specific targets, and greater exam consistency can be achieved by the use of Quick Scan to optimise image quality. In addition, workflow can be automated and exams standardised using the Quick Assist Protocols featuring a one-click operation.




Shown here (left to right) Kae Kikukawa, Head Nurse; Dr. Yoshihiro Takaya, Clinical Director; Yoshie Sekita, Clinical Assistant; Dr. Katsunori Ishida and Jane Hanford, Clinical Applications Specialist, Ultrasound, Canon Medical Systems


Canon Medical Systems has a carbon-zero project in place.  We have calculated the carbon footprint for each of our products to include manufacturing, shipping, delivery and average hospital energy used for the standard lifetime of the equipment as follows:

Ultrasound equates to 1 stove and 3,415 litres of water