Dik Hoogmoed

Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

My career has taken me through many different jobs within Toshiba/Canon. Starting out as an ultrasound engineer back in the 80’s, I have fulfilled roles in European Technical Support, Service Management, IT management, Software Development, Quality, and more recently Information Security and Regulatory affairs (both UK and EU). With more than 35 years within a MedTech environment under the belt I am aware like few others how our environment keeps changing.

Change is part and parcel of our business. To maintain Quality in an ever changing environment is a challenge. Within Canon there is a focus on doing it right first time. From then on Quality supports getting it right every time. But it’s not just that. Quality is also doing the right thing for the customer. Complaints do happen, but Canon as a quality organisation will use such touch points to achieve the best possible outcome for the customer as well as making each case a learning point for ourselves to do better next time.

Thus the Quality Department supports the company’s aim to be the best Customer Partner in our sector.