Simon Weeden

XR Modality Manager

I started out as a radiographer – clinical at first, and then I moved into industrial radiography, which is completely fascinating as it is so varied. We would XRAY anything from weaponry, pipelines to Formula One wheels! I have even been responsible for the project that scanned the welds on the big oil tanks at London Heathrow. It was tough work, unsocial hours and filthy dirty, but gave me a great understanding and liking for the commercial side of working. I was the main radiographer in the lab, coordinating the field team (called Bombers) and analysing and reporting on the images.

Following that I became interested in the companies that manufactured the machines, and became a regional manager in the UK for a French manufacturer. Canon Medical then approached me to help them launch their XRAY range, as I was able to provide the clinical expertise they needed to engage with Radiologists and clinical teams. Now I look after all of Big Equipment (CT, MR, XRAY), backed up by comprehensive clinical experts that we have in house.

I am always talking and working with customers, it’s my favourite part of what I do. As a company we don’t “sell and move on” we focus on customer satisfaction for the life of the systems, offering application clinical support for example, and ensuring our customers are happy and getting the most from their investment.