Mark Hitchman

Managing Director

As someone who was once a healthcare professional, and indeed an ex-customer of this company, I do have the benefit of knowing what matters in that difficult environment. This experience has been a source of inspiration throughout the rest of my career including CT Applications specialist at Canon Medical, Senior CT Product Manager for CT at Philips in Holland, General Manager at Canon Medical for CT/ MRI/X-Ray, Managing Director at Nucletron, a Radiotherapy company, and latterly in my current role.

My aspiration for Canon Medical Systems UK is for us to be the best employer in the sector, and the best-in-class supplier to our customers. This means our personnel have to be empowered, and have autonomy to make choices and decisions. And it’s the same for our customers, that they must be free to focus on clinical outcomes and patients, while we as a partner take away the risks and challenges of working with complex technology that is worked around the clock.

We are relishing the challenges of an environment that brings ever increasing demands to us all.