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You have to see the outstanding design of Canon Medical’s new relocatable MRI scanner to believe it. Our motto is “Support Built Around You” and we take this very seriously – whether you are a patient, a clinician or a healthcare provider. Now, we’ve taken all our expertise, experience and passion for excellence and put them into the first self-loading relocatable MRI system in the UK.

The relocatable MR scanner will be used to ensure Canon Medical  service levels are maintained as the highest in the industry. Canon Medical  is proud of maintaining near 100% uptime. The relocatable MR scanner protects and enhances this quality assurance and uptime record.

Our team are available 7 days a week to ensure your system remains fully operational. You can use this relocatable MR scanner as an interim solution when purchasing a new scanner, allowing you to provide an uninterrupted service whilst your new scanner is being installed. Alternatively, you can hire this scanner to either supplement your current service or to provide additional capacity.

Built for Patient Comfort & Usability

This unique relocatable MR is designed with users and patients in mind to make the scanning process easy, comfortable and quick offering almost 50% more space than conventional mobile MRI units.

Designed for patient and clinician comfort, the unit incorporates inspirational interior design aspects including; ambient lighting, visual displays on walls and ceiling, Freeview TV and sound system, as well as hot and cold running water.

An MRI compatible wheelchair and patient transfer gurney/PAT slide are included with the unit.

Relocatable MR

Innovative Design

At 3.5m wide the unique relocatable Elan enjoys the versatility of a mobile, as it is easy and inexpensive to transport, but with the added advantages of easier patient and clinician access.

The Canon Medical relocatable does not need to be craned into position as we have a super low trailer which allows us to manoeuvre the system on site. The trailer can be driven out from underneath and the MRI relocatable unit can then be lowered into position quickly and easily.

The system requires only a small installation footprint, which means that installation work can be completed quickly and easily. Complete with a set of post-processing options, including cardiovascular, neuro and MSK applications, the scanner will arrive at a venue or hospital ‘ready-to-go’. Canon Medical will also provide free applications training as part of the service as it travels from centre to centre.


Relocatable MR

Powerful MR Technology

The new Vantage Elan™ MRI scanner provides outstanding clinical and economic benefits together with a wide variety of advanced technologies. A 1.4m ultra short magnet with excel- lent magnetic field homogeneity ensures ultra high image quality, whilst reducing patient anxiety and ensuring more comfortable examinations. With patient comfort in mind, Pianissimo™ ∑ technology dramatically reduces scanner noise.


Relocatable MR

If you would like to know more about the first self- loading relocatable MRI provided by Canon Medical, please call us for a chat on 01293 653710