Bespoke Imaging Centres Built to meet your specific requirements

Canon Medical Systems provide bespoke, cutting edge imaging facilities that can be tailored to your individual requirements. These imaging facilities can utilise limited space and can be instantly deployed as a combination of multiple relocatables (figure B.1 and B.2), or as a modular fast build imaging centre, from small through to medium and large.

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Covid Safe CT Units

In response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak, Canon Medical have been supporting healthcare organisations across the UK with the delivery and installation of specially designed mobile CT units. The units have been designed to exceptionally high standards and are equipped with state-of-the-art imaging systems. Each unit has been built to reduce the risk of Covid and includes additional safety features, such as a control room that has been walled off and extra wide, double doors that allow easy access by a trolley bed.

Supporting you
throughout the process

As with all of our installations, Canon Medical work directly with the hospital to ensure deliveries are quick, easy and stress-free; they will assist with all of the delivery logistics and find flexible solutions that will work with any situation. On delivery day, we are onsite to liaise with suppliers, overseeing the entire installation from start to finish, ensuring compliance with your policies and procedures.

As well as being available for scanning, these imaging centres can provide space for hands on learning for clinicians and for research projects.

Take a look around one of our units

We are here to help

Our experts are available to guide you through bespoke solutions to meet your needs, no matter how large or small, across the whole suite of diagnostic imaging facilities.

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