Chris Cook

Technical Manager – MR

I have been with Canon Medical for over ten years now, having previously worked in the Medical field with Agfa and Philips.  I started out working for Canon on their CT and MRI scanners, and as the MRI grew in popularity I moved to it full time.  I now work as MRI Technical Manager where I help support a team of focussed and talented engineers.

For me, working with a group of like-minded individuals is one of the best things about my role.  We like to think of customer service as not just servicing the scanner, but helping the customer in whatever way we can to enable them to continue to provide the best service they can. As a team we are given the freedom to influence the way Canon supports our scanners.  This gives rise to a resourceful and dedicated team that I am proud to work with.

Canon MRI technology is fast moving with continual improvements in reliability, patient throughput and image quality.  So the role I have is never static.  There is always something interesting or challenging going on which keeps me motivated.