Canon Medical Systems and Barnet FC bring world class radiology equipment and services to elite athletes, radiology professionals and the local community through an advanced medical centre and Medical Imaging Academy based at The Hive.

Canon Medical Systems and Barnet Football Club are developing an advanced medical centre that will provide elite footballers, athletes and the wider community with world class radiology equipment and access to faster treatment options from Barnet FC’s facilities at The Hive.

At the same time, the new medical centre will house the UK’s first integrated Medical Imaging Academy for radiology professionals, run by Canon Medical Systems. It will be the first of its kind in the UK, providing the medical community with a centre of excellence for radiology education, including CT, MRI, Ultrasound and general X-Ray equipment and clinical applications.

Equipped with state-of-the-art radiology equipment from Canon Medical Systems, the centre’s radiology equipment covers the complete set of scanning requirements, from MRI to CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray Scanners:

  • A Vantage Titan Helios 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner
  • An Aquilion PRIME CT scanner
  • An Aplio500 – used by many of the UK’s leading research centres
  • A Radrex digital radiography X-Ray room.


The full set of radiology equipment will come complete with applications and protocols for a wide range of scanning specialism, from advanced neuro applications, to echo-cardiography and muscular skeletal protocols. The centre’s radiology professionals will receive full training on the equipment and applications

About The Medical Centre

The partnership between Canon Medical Systems and The Hive will see the creation of a medical centre of excellence for sports imaging that employs the leading medical consultants using the most advanced radiology equipment from Canon Medical – all in one place. Soon, UK football players won’t need to go abroad for treatment – they can get quick diagnosis in the UK and if needed get treatment early and get back to playing. With a wider cause in mind, the medical facility and the radiology equipment it possesses will not purely be for elite sports, but also for patients in the community. The medical centre will open its services to local hospitals so that they can refer patients to the facility for scans.

About The Canon Medical Imaging Academy

Through the setting up of the UK’s first medical imaging academy, Canon Medical will become the country leaders in practical education for the radiology sector.
The Academy will have classrooms and a lecture hall facility holding up to 500 delegates, whilst the imaging centre houses the radiology equipment required for practical demonstrations and applied training using applications developed for a wide variety of examinations.

These include muscular skeletal injury investigation to advance neuro applications for concussion work. The Medical Imaging Academy will be the UK’s best development destination for UK clinicians and radiographers to learn about radiology.

Our aim for the medical centre is exactly that: to develop a world class medical facility alongside our sports facility that is open to the community. Tony Kleanthous

Tony Kleanthous, Chairman of Barnet FC and The Hive comments: “We’re looking to develop a medical facility the likes of which has not been seen in the UK before. Canon Medical will establish a medical imaging academy at The Hive. It will be a facility for our players and those from around London can take advantage of world class radiology equipment as part of player welfare efforts.

“I have been a Director of The Football League and The FA and now a Director of the Football Conference, it’s been clear to see that medical science hasn’t kept up with elite sport in the UK and we’re about to change that. The current debates around concussion and early diagnosis and treatment as well as better muscular skeletal care for elite athletes are issues that need to be addressed.

What we have here at The Hive is an international class facility that is not only open and accessible to the football elite but also to the local community too. Our aim for the medical centre is exactly that: to develop a world class medical facility alongside our sports facility that is open to the community.”

Mark Hitchman, UK Managing Director for Canon Medical Systems adds: “Canon has a long-established reputation for innovation, from our research and development capabilities, which sees us continually invest in the development and production of the leading radiology equipment on the market, to the way we work in partnership with the likes of Barnet FC and many academic institutes across the UK.

With the development of this Medical Imaging Centre in partnership with Barnet FC we have evolved the way we do business. Canon Medical Systems is now diversifying to be more closely involved at the front-end of care provision not only for elite athletes, but for the wider community as scanning services become available to London hospitals at The Imaging Centre.

Through the Medical Imaging Academy, we are committed to helping the radiology community and our wider customers develop their radiology knowledge and skills. We already provide significant training and development for hospitals across the UK, now we have the world class facilities to provide this learning and development from our new medical imaging academy at The Hive.”