Canon Medical Systems provided world class CT, MRI, X-ray and Ultrasound imaging technology for 6,500 athletes and team officials..

Commonwealth Games Staff

Canon Medical Systems today was selected as official medical systems provider for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Canon Medical launched new, world class imaging equipment and services specifically for the event, providing imaging for the 6,500 athletes and officials from 71 nations and territories across the World.

Canon medical imaging equipment was available for athletes competing across the 17 selected sports, from athletics and boxing, to rugby sevens, swimming, wrestling and cycling.

Working in partnership with the Commonwealth Games medical staff, the Canon Medical imaging centre formed a fundamental part of the polyclinic in the athletes’ village, specially designed for the provision of emergency care.

The centre housed the latest Canon Medical Vantage™ Elan MRI scanner, which was launched at the Games alongside world class mobile Aquilion™ CT, Aplio™ ultrasound and mobile X-ray imaging technology. Additionally, Canon Medical launched the first UK mobile imagining solutions business, owned and operated by an equipment manufacturer at the Games. The new business now offers a comprehensive mobile range of CT, Ultrasound, MRI and X-Ray scanners to medical and sports facilities across the UK.

The agreement has cemented Canon Medical Systems’ position as a leading imaging technology provider for the sports medicine industry following its recent partnerships with Manchester United, through the design and installation of the world’s most advanced onsite football medical imaging facility at its Aon Training Complex at Carrington. Additionally, the development of an advanced medical centre and Medical Imaging Academy at Barnet FC and an innovative youth elite sports science partnership with the Tessa Sanderson Foundation for young, gifted athletes has seen an increase in demand for Canon imaging equipment and applications for high profile, elite and developing athlete sport medicine initiatives.

Three-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist, Tessa Sanderson CBE was appointed Canon Medical Systems Commonwealth Games Ambassador: “Athletics has advanced tremendously with regard to elite athlete health care over the last few years. It’s fantastic to see the world’s leading imaging technology provider supporting the Commonwealth GamesI wish I’d had access to this technology and medical care during my career – in the past athletes might have trained or competed through injury, which eventually result in serious or longer-term injuries that have a massive impact on athletes, who usually have a relatively short career at elite level. The imaging technology available to the competing athletes this year will mean that those unfortunate to suffer an injury at the games will be diagnosed and put on a path to recovery very quickly.”

Canon Medical Systems UK Managing Director, Mark Hitchman comments: “Canon Medical Systems is proud to be named Official Medical Systems Partner for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Canon Medical’s radiology equipment is powering not just some of the leading medical institutions but also some of the world’s leading sports organisations and community-based sports facilities such as Manchester United Football Club, Barnet Football Club and Tessa Sanderson Foundation Academy.

About the Canon Medical Commonwealth Games imaging Technology

Canon Medical Systems provided a full suite of imaging technology for the duration of the Commonwealth Games: A state-of-the art Canon Medical Mobile Aquilion™ CXL is a high-end, low dose and fast reconstruction CT scanner, which comes complete with a set of post-processing options, from cardiovascular to dental and neuro applications. The scanner will arrive at Commonwealth Games venues ‘ready-to-go’. Based on Canon’s sophisticated platform of proven CT technology, the trailer-mounted 128- slice Aquilion CXL will allow the Games’ medical staff access to a flexible, mobile scanning solution to treat athletes with speed and precision.Ensuring the lowest possible radiation dose to the patient, whist maintaining the optimal level of image quality, the mobile CT scanner employs active collimation, which helps to minimise over scanning, thereby reducing the dose not contributing to the patient image. SUREExposure 3D adaptive mA Modulation continuously adjusts the exposure in the X,Y and Z directions in response to the patients shape and density, reducing patient dose to the lowest possible level.Adaptive Iterative Dose Reduction (AIDR3D) reduces noise in the image, whilst improving image detail, allowing high definition scanning at lower dose. Integrated into SUREExposure, this advanced feature is incorporated into all scan protocols, reducing the need for operator interaction and allowing optimisation of image quality.Being scanned can sometimes be a stressful experience for patients. With this in mind, the state-of-the-art Canon Medical mobile CT scanner has been designed to ensure a non-claustrophobic environment, reducing stress and anxiety for athletes. The mobile scanner is equipped with a spacious changing room, ensuring patient privacy, whilst a secure locker is provided for athletes’ valuables. Once the scanning procedure commences, a dimmable lighting system is employed to provide a more relaxed environment. Additionally, image panels on the inside walls and ceiling of the trailer provide a pleasant distraction, whilst a built-in music system can play the patient’s favourite music.

The premium cart-based Aplio™ 500 ultrasound scanner is used by many of the UK’s leading imaging research centres. Designed for high-resolution musculoskeletal imaging, the system features exceptional spatial and contrast resolution to visualise muscle and tendon architecture in super-fine detail. Advanced Dynamic Flow and elastography applications will allow the earliest possible detection of vascular flow interruption and muscle and tendon damage, enabling medical staff to make fast and accurate decisions on treatment for competing athletes based on immediate diagnosis.

Brand new to Europe, Canon Medical’s easily re-locatable Vantage Elan 1.5T MRI is a wide bore scanner that employs an ultra-short magnet with high field homogeneity that results in superior image signal and quality for cartilage, muscle and tendon damage identification. The system’s zero helium boil-off system and Eco mode minimizes energy consumption. Its small footprint and easy to install design will provide flexibility for system installation at the Games. The Vantage Elan’s unique Pianissimo™ technology delivers the quietest MRI scanning on the market, enhancing patient comfort and ease of communication during procedures.

Canon Medical’s latest mobile X-ray Scanner, is a fully motorized, flexible system that employs a rotational X-ray tube and light bean collimator. Powered by a 40kW on board generator, the scanner incorporates a large 17” touch screen and 35 x 43cm wireless flat panel display for ease of use and flexible image scrutiny. The X-ray scanner’s digital technology will allow the Games’ medical staff instant access to high quality images.