Canon Medical provides State-of-the-art ultrasound imaging technology for the Tessa Sanderson Foundation. The technology enables the Foundation to identify, evaluate, treat and rehabilitate young, talented athletes as they complete TSFA programmes.

Tessa Sanderson

Canon Medical Systems partners with the Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy (TSFA). The partnership sees the club and Canon Medical Systems coming together in a mutually beneficial project, involving the use of state-of-the-art medical technology within a sports foundation.

The collaboration helps promote the rapid development of novel sports medicine and exercise related applications for ultrasound scanner technology, as well as helping TSFA medical staff and the wider community it serves develop an understanding of ultrasound scanner technology, as a fundamental building block for young athlete well-being and development.

TSFA has created a unique youth sport and life skills programme in London, and outer London areas, for able bodied and disabled youngsters to enjoy sport with the view to them participating at higher levels. Based at Newham College, TSFA employs a growing number of experienced ex-international class coaches and works with teachers and managers in local schools, community centres, sports clubs and academies.

The Foundation and Academy has a structured programme that helps youngsters identify and experience the positive benefit of sport on lifestyle, nutrition and wider life skills. The Foundation currently has several athletes working towards qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games.

Canon Medical’s ultrasound scanner will enable the TSFA team, in partnership with Canon Medical Systems, to develop scanner applications and best practice guidelines regarding the early diagnosis, improved rehabilitation and preventative care for these young athletes, as they travel through the Foundation and Academy programmes. Medical staff from one of the London hospitals in the East end of London will be on hand at the Foundation, to manage medical health initiatives using the scanner. The partnership will help TSFA maintain their young athletes’ fitness and wellbeing as they participate in sporting activities. By using imaging in innovative ways to track the physical and physiological development of youngsters playing sport, the partnership will identify best practice treatment and exercise regimes for athletes at varying skill and aptitude levels.

TSFA will receive a premium cart-based Aplio 500 ultrasound scanner, which is used by many of the UK’s leading imaging research centres. Designed for high-resolution musculoskeletal imaging, the system features exceptional spatial and contrast resolution to visualise muscle and tendon architecture in super-fine detail. Advanced Dynamic Flow and elastography applications will allow the earliest possible detection of vascular flow interruption and muscle and tendon damage, enabling the Foundation’s medical staff to make fast and accurate decisions on treatment for its growing base of young talent based on immediate diagnosis.

Our partnership with Canon Medical Systems gives us a unique opportunity to explore the capabilities of medical imaging within our Foundation environment. – Tessa Sanderson

Tessa Sanderson, CBE is excited at the potential of the partnership: “Our partnership with Canon Medical Systems gives us a unique opportunity to explore the capabilities of medical imaging within our Foundation environment. Not only am I excited about the possibilities for enhancing athlete healthcare and development but also performance.

The partnership, and the technology and expertise provided by Canon Medical opens up a pathway for our young athletes to learn about sports medicine and sports science, by giving them a great opportunity to learn about how the body performs during exercise, and heals after injury.

“It’s fantastic to be able to provide this equipment to young people playing sport outside of an elite athlete environment. I wish I’d had access to this technology and medical care when I was starting out and indeed through my career – there are many times when I was advised to train through injuries, which eventually resulted in a ruptured Achilles tendon. In my experience, athletes perform better when they know and trust their bodies better. Having access to this technology and the advice and guidance from Canon, and our medical staff, will mean that today’s young athletes at the Foundation will be given a psychological boost for their training efforts knowing that they are developing in a safer environment with regard to injury prevention and, should they get injured, better, faster, and more accurate paths to recovery. Our academy members are delighted with the association with Canon Medical Systems and the developments with regard to having access to technology that will help improve recovery and training regimes, and ultimately enhance their potential is music to their ears.”

Canon Medical Systems UK Managing Director, Mark Hitchman is proud of the partnership: “Our technology is being used by some of the world’s leading sports organisations and community based sports facilities for significant player and athlete medical care, from Manchester United at its new medical facility powered by Canon Medical scanner technology, to the Barnet FC and Imaging Academy, our technology and expertise is helping develop sports medicine in applied settings for elite athletes, and the wider community. We believe that work done in the rarefied atmosphere of elite sports settings can be translated to wider society, and especially through great causes like the Tessa Sanderson Foundation. We are inspired by TSFA’s work, and are committed to help it develop its expertise as a highly respected and successful sports skills Foundation and Academy.”