Canon Medical Arena Developed By Canon Medical Systems

Strengthen the spirit of community in Sheffield
by encouraging healthy, active lives

Canon Medical Arena, is a unique catalyst for wellbeing and society, providing an affordable and accessible location for local people to participate in sports, engage in events and improve the overall accessibility of health within the community.

Canon Medical Arena is the UK’s first carbon-neutral built community sports and event arena with an integrated Medical Diagnostic Centre.

The Medical Diagnostic Centre at Canon Medical Arena will bring healthcare services close to the community and will be run by LivingCare, providing a central location for imaging referrals from professional sports clubs, health insurance companies and offer the NHS and its patient’s additional capacity for scans and imaging procedures.



Canon Medical Arena

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Moving Towards the Future

Canon Medical Arena has been built by Canon Medical Systems and is located at the heart of the regenerated Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park.

It is also a showcase for Canon Medical’s latest products and an AI incubation hub for R&D, focusing on health screening and disease prevention.

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A sustainability Conscious World first

In line with Sheffield’s green objective of being a zero carbon city by 2050, and Canon Medical Systems UK Corporate Social Responsibility goals, Canon Medical Arena has been carbon-neutral built.


row of wind turbines

Living and working for the common good is at the heart of Canon Medicals CSR initiatives. Canon Medical Arena encapsulates this entire philosophy of providing positive environmental and social value to those that need it most. Working in partnership with CO2 Balance to drive the success of our corporate philosophies, as a United Nations Sustainability Development Goal accredited organisation, Canon Medical has ensured all environmental impacts created during the creation of the Canon Medical Arena are combated in the spirit of sustainability and environmental consciousness. Canon Medical Arena has been created and maintained working towards the United Nations Sustainability Goals to ensure we are focusing on contributing to the 3rd, 8th and 13th sustainability goals.

All carbon emitted during the building process has been offset based on a bundle of offsetting Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. The projects took shape in the form of Wind Turbines in India, Boreholes and Stoves in Uganda, as well as Solar Lighting in Uganda and Kenya.

A Permanent Home for the Sheffield Sharks, Sheffield Hatters & the RESPECT Programme


Based at the heart of the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, we are proud to announce Canon Medical Arena is the official new home for the Sheffield Sharks and the Sheffield Hatters (women) professional basketball teams and it doesn’t stop there, Canon Medical Arena is also home to the Canon Medical Sheffield Sharks RESPECT Programme.

For the last eight years, close to 10,000 primary school children, at sixteen inner-city Sheffield schools, have been positively impacted by the Sheffield Sharks RESPECT programme. This initiative consists of active basketball participation with players and citizenship workshops covering online safety and personal health topics.

For young people involved in these programmes, Canon Medical Arena provides a single location with sports arena and classroom facilities. This will help expand the outreach programme and support the curriculum leveraging sport as a vehicle to tackle many social issues.

two images showing groups of children playing sports


Sheffield Sharks Basketball Team in Partnership with Canon Medical Systems
Sheffield Sharks RESPECT Programme
Sheffield Hatters Basketball Team in Partnership with Canon Medical Systems UK