X-Ray Medical Diagnostic Imaging

The highly advanced Infinix-i continues our focus on innovation in radiology, cardiology, and neurology with the cutting edge design giving unparalleled patient coverage and access.

In addition to the day to day clinical requirements for the full range of diagnostic and interventional procedures, the Inifinix-i is helping to push the boundaries in interventional and hybrid procedures in research and teaching sites across the UK.

In 2018, 96% of our UK customers rated our customer service as good or excellent and  100% of our customers rated our X-Ray customer service from good to excellent. Our combination of bespoke solutions and best in class customer service and support means we are dedicated to delivering 100% uptime and 100% satisfaction to our customers.

Since going live with these two theatres we have had minimal downtime or problems and were always extremely well supported by Canon Medical. Reliability of the systems is excellent as is ongoing training and technical support Dr Oliver Stumper – Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist – Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Clinical Excellence

  • Advanced image processing gives superb image quality
  • Advanced dose reduction features lead the way in interventional imaging
  • High level surgical installations in leading specialist centres


  • Best ergonomic design gives unparalleled patient access
  • Floor or ceiling mounted with wide choice of detector sizes to suit all circumstances
  • Clinician designed user interface optimises examination workflow


  • Greater than 99.5% average uptime across Europe
  • Wide choice of contracts to meet financial and clinical needs
  • High levels of customer satisfaction in UK installed base