Comfortable Examinations for All

Pianissimo Σ enables quiet MRI examinations

The sound generated during MRI scanning is caused by the vibration of the gradient coil.

Pianissimo™ Σ reduces the noise level significantly in all types of scanning and provides quiet examinations for patients.


M-Power guides operators based on clinical workflow, increasing operational efficiency

With ultimate ease of use, M-Power™ guides user operation according to the workflow, from patient registration to image reconstruction and transfer. A wide variety of applications can support scan positioning and parameter settings, increasing operational efficiency.

MPower Features

DirectPAS facilitates efficient examination scheduling, including patient registration and setting of scan conditions

Orders for MRI examinations can be obtained from the hospital information system using DICOM MWM. The anatomical region to be examined and the protocols to use can be registered in advance.

Atlas Compass simplifies routine examinations

The system automatically recognizes and selects the coil elements that most efficiently should be used during scanning. This facilitates quicker routine examinations.

EasyTech supports scan positioning and setting of scan conditions

EasyTech assists scan positioning and condition setting to insure that the optimal positions and conditions will be easily set by any user. Previously parameter settings differed among operators and this resulted in differences in vascular visualization. EasyTech includes DelayTracker, which assists scan condition setting for FBI, and NeuroLine, which assists scan positioning for brain imaging.

InScan enables one-stop setting of scan and analysis conditions

You can set the scan conditions and then the analysis conditions based on the scan result at the same time. Processes from scanning and reconstruction to analysis, which previously required separate steps, can be executed automatically. This streamlines the examination process.

EasyTech provides quick and highly accurate scan positioning


NeuroLine automatically measures and analyzes the shape of the brain, determines the optimal slice position in each plane, and displays them within seconds.


Generally, in spinal examinations, the reference line for the AX plane is manually drawn parallel to the target intervertebral disc or vertebral body. SpineLine automatically measures and analyzes the shape of the spine, determines the positioning ROI in each plane, and displays them within seconds.

Using Your Money Wisely

Requiring a minimum footprint of ONLY 23 m2, the VANTAGE ELAN IS THE smallest in its class

Not only was the system size reduced, the installation method, cooling method, and control cabinet were innovatively redesigned. Vantage Elan does not require a separate computer room. The overall installation area is approximately 29% smaller than with previous 1.5T systems.

*The minimum footprint may not be applied in all cases depending on each site situation.

MRI Control Room

Rapid installation: completed in as little as 5 days

With a new installation, you can start using the system in as little as five days after delivery. Downtime during installation work can be minimized.


*This installation schedule is a standard schedule for the system and may vary depending on site situation and progress status of the installation.

ENERGY-SAVING DESIGN REDuces power requirements by 68%

Total power requirement of Vantage Elan is 25 kVA, which is the lowest in its class and results in significantly lower running cost. The maximum power consumption is approximately half that of previous models and this also contributes to cost reduction and environmental conservation. In addition, Eco mode automatically turns off a part of the system when it is not being used. The system can recover from Eco mode within one second to be ready for scanning.

During Examination
After Examination