Unparalleled flexibility and access to your patient

Every patient is different. Alphenix / Evolve Edition, with its WorkRite technologies, provides you with unprecedented access to the patient and flexible anatomical coverage from any angle.

Multi-access floor-mounted C-arm

Allows for head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip coverage for greater clinical flexibility

Ceiling-mounted C-arm

Provides unparalleled full-body lateral access without moving the patient or the table


A fast, seamless, and intuitive work experience

Easily select acquisition protocols and C-arm positions using the tableside Alphenix tablet*.

Program tabs
The intuitive graphical interface allows you to select the appropriate acquisition program by clinical region.

Related functions
Additional functions customised for each workflow can be readily accessed when needed.

Intuitively select the position of the C-arm
Quickly register, select and move the C-arm into position from the menu screen. Interoperable access control

Alphenix Workstation
Pro, the large monitor layout, and QMAPPR can be controlled from our tablet.
Alphenix Unispot* can manage multiple image sources with one keyboard and mouse, keeping the layout of the control room organised. The medical grade 32 inch monitor delivers high quality images with fine details to meet your clinical needs and simplify workflows.


Optimise your cathlab workflow with QMAPP Hemodynamic Monitoring

QMAPP, the smallest hemodynamic monitoring system ever, is now integrated in the Alphenix interventional suite to optimise your cathlab workflow. The Alphenix tablet improves the workflow by delivering more functionalities at the tip of operator finger’s. Most functions of QMAPP can be operated directly on the tablet, allowing you to focus on your patient.

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Optimise image quality while reducing the exposure dose

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Increase procedural flexibility with Alphenix’s 30cm X 30cm Flat Panel Detector (FPD)

As Interventional procedures diversify, a wider variety of cases need to be treated in a limited number of cath-labs. Smaller size detectors are standard in PCI, however larger detectors can cover a wider variety of cases like SHD and peripheral interventions. Due to their compact housing, our unique 12inch FPD’s offer a solution that are highly effective in PCI, while also offering flexibility to treat other anatomy as required.