Customer Experience

With its powerful performance and updated workflow experience, Aquilion Serve SP quickly demonstrates its value to clinical teams looking to reduce scan times, simplify training, and keep energy costs and infrastructure requirements to a minimum.

Let Aquilion Serve SP take your team’s productivity to the next level.

“As the INSTINX software is so intuitive and easy to operate, training time is significantly reduced.”

“After a fortnight of applications training, around 10 of our radiographers were happily performing scans with the system. That’s unusual for that number of people in that short time. Everybody just took to it so intuitively. It is great news if we can shorten training time. There are 28 radiographers here, who have all got to learn to use it. It makes that process simpler.”

Matthew Benbow, Superintendent Radiographer of CT and MRI at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in Bournemouth, UK