Tailored Ultrasound solutions for every clinical need

From routine screening to clinical research, from assisted reproduction to high risk assessment, from gynaecological imaging to interdisciplinary assessment, Canon Medical offers a wide range of Women’s Health solutions helping you to meet your specific clinical and budgetary needs. The multidisciplinary approach of our diagnostic ultrasound portfolio ensures consistently high image quality with superior productivity across the clinical portfolio.

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Prenatal Ultrasound

Prenatal Ultrasound

From busy clinics to leading institutions, Canon Medical offers optimal solutions for your prenatal imaging needs. Industry leading image quality, outstanding usability, and a variety of expert tools help you achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

  • Superior imaging from early pregnancy to delivery and beyond
  • Expert tools for routine and specialized tasks
  • Straightforward, ergonomic user interface supports healthy working posture

Assisted Reproduction

Our Women’s Health range offers a wide variety of tools for fertility evaluation and treatment of associated reproductive disorders. Innovative technologies help you make the process faster, more reliable, and less invasive for the patient.

  • Affordable solution for dedicated clinical use
  • Wide range of specialized tools for dedicated tasks
  • Simple user interface with short learning curve for increased productivity

Gynecology and beyond

  • Consistent, high-quality imaging across a wide range of applications
  • Enabling multidisciplinary assessment from a single source
  • Flexible platform allowing you to expand your portfolio as needed


The multi-disciplinary origins of Canon Medical’s ultrasound portfolio provide a wider range of diagnostic capabilities while delivering high performance and image quality so you can expand your capabilities as needed.

Welcome to the age of AI-assisted Ultrasound imaging

With Canon Medical’s suite of intelligent, forward-thinking technologies it’s now easier than ever to deliver safe, precise diagnosis and treatment to every patient. While Aplio’s smart, AI-driven algorithms allow you to create simple and streamlined workflows, they can also help to deliver fast and accurate results for a more personalized treatment of your patients.

Standard Plane Detection
Deep learning-based Smart Area Indication applications for OB can help you identify anatomical views for standard measurements, including BPD, HC, AC, and FL, for faster workflow and improved exam consistency.

Automated structure recognition
Once Smart Area Indication OB is enabled, a green light will appear on the screen whenever a standard plane for fetal growth measurements is detected in accordance with the ISUOG guidelines for routine mid-trimester fetal ultrasound exams.

Automatic measurement
When freezing the image, a measurement is automatically carried out on the last correctly recognized frame. This can help reduce user-dependent inconsistencies, increase accuracy and patient throughput, and can be used as a teaching tool.