Royal Bournemouth Hospital UK’s first to install Canon Medical’s new Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition CT system

The all-new premium CT scanner is built with INSTINX workflow and the latest Deep Learning Reconstruction technology to optimise workflow and improve healthcare outcomes

With the first installations in two top European healthcare facilities – the Royal Bournemouth Hospital in the UK and the University of Strasbourg in France – the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition represents a major innovation in medical imaging with a focus on improving healthcare outcomes and operational excellence.

The CT scanner simplifies complicated scans for clinicians, elevates those that are more routine, and is easy to operate regardless of the level of experience or how specialised the scan is. With the INSIGHT Edition, Canon Medical has streamlined the system design and workflow experience to enable fast, safe, and efficient CT exams while keeping the needs of the patients top of mind.

Roy Verlaan, European Director CT at Canon Medical Systems Europe, comments, “With the launch of the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, Canon Medical continues to expand and strengthen the capabilities of its premium CT.”

The Aquilion ONE/INSIGHT Edition’s all-new imaging chain features the CoolNovus X-ray tube and PUREINSIGHT detector, designed to withstand the extreme forces generated during ultrafast 0.24 second gantry rotations. The Canon CoolNovus X-ray tube is designed for precise operation at a force of 50g combined with outstanding heat dissipation and longer tube life. While the PUREINSIGHT detector reduces electronic noise, which adds to better image quality.

Roy adds, “The Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition delivers exceptional image quality thanks to cutting-edge Deep Learning Reconstruction technology. The combination of Deep Learning Reconstruction, low kV acquisition (70 kV) and high mA (1400 mA) makes it possible to minimise the amount of contrast media injected in vascular imaging.”

SilverBeam scan with a calcified lesion at the right inferior lobe

In addition, the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition features INSTINX, Canon Medical’s holistic workflow solution designed to enhance every aspect of imaging – from referral to diagnosis – creating new standards in efficiency and consistency. Driven by a host of Canon Medical’s most advanced technologies and innovations, INSTINX employs automation whenever possible to make operations easier, faster, and more consistent with a 40% reduction in workflow steps. Its 80 cm diameter and uniquely flared gantry, enhance patient comfort while two built-in cameras simplify patient positioning where AI-based anatomical detection executes automatic scan planning, making every scan accessible to operators of all levels. And with the new, easy-to-learn, intuitive CT interface, training time can be significantly reduced.

After the successful introduction of Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE), Precise IQ Engine (PIQE) is the next step in Deep Learning Reconstruction (DLR) bringing together extraordinary spatial resolution and reduced noise. PIQE shows sharper anatomical details in 1024 image matrix for better delineation of small anatomical structures for a more accurate diagnosis of complex pathologies, particularly in cardiology, oncology, or paediatric imaging.

Roy concludes, “We are delighted with the response to the Aquilion ONE / INSIGHT Edition, through which we offer a more advanced version of our PIQE DLR that harnesses the potential of DLR even further to support incredibly high-quality imaging at low doses. As well as provide a solution that significantly simplifies and streamlines CT workflows and makes the scan experience more efficient for patients and operators. Through the new system, we are reaffirming our continued commitment to our Made For Life Philosophy.”