Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust selects Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition as scanner of choice for the modern Emergency Department

New CT scanner from Canon Medical Systems UK improves workflow & efficiency

CT imaging services in the Emergency Department (ED) at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has taken a big step forward in modernisation with the installation of an Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT scanner from Canon Medical. Routine and specialist patient CT procedures will be quicker, at low dose and provide excellent image quality due to the functionality and unique features of the scanner.

The capabilities of the Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition have assisted the Trust to meet increasing workload challenges. Improvements in speed, efficiency and workflow are made possible with ‘Ultra Helical’, which captures a routine body scan in less than five seconds producing high-quality, lower dose images for faster diagnosis and treatment planning that are ideal for trauma-based examinations.

Additional operational features include: ‘Area Finder’ which allows field of view and scan range to be set at the gantry with volumetric imaging without the need for a scanogram, for speed and reduced radiation dose; ‘Variable Helical Parameters’ allow prescribed and optimised image quality in each body region, scanning in a single helical acquisition, used for trauma cases and also oncology and TAVI planning; plus ‘Tech Assist Lateral Slide’, Canon Medical’s unique lateral couch movement, beneficial for all patients, but invaluable for positioning trauma patients with speed and accuracy and for improving manual handling for the Radiographers.

“The Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition replaces an end of life head CT scanner and is an impressive step up in our clinical functionality in the Emergency Department. We now have advanced front-line CT scanning resources in the ED, removing the time delay factors of transferring patients to our main CT department,” states Elizabeth Van Lingen, CT Superintendent at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. “We feel confident that we have the department to meet increasing workload challenges and support emerging clinical guidelines in cardiac and stroke. The Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT has exceeded our expectations with its unique features and continued support from Canon Medical Systems UK. We feel clinically and operationally ready for the 2020s!”

“Fast, low dose and excellent image quality are the key factors when reshaping the resilience of frontline CT imaging,” states Megan Newberry, Account Manager at Canon Medical Systems UK. “We are delighted that the Aquilion ONE GENESIS was selected to meet the Trust’s needs and the Canon Medical team look forward to providing continued support in Radiology, expanding into the ED.”

Photo caption:

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust selects Aquilion ONE GENESIS Edition CT from Canon Medical Systems UK. (L to R): Yvonne Roberts, Senior Radiographer; Emma Spouse, Imaging Lead; Elizabeth Van Lingen, CT Superintendent; Graham Martin, CT Applications Specialist at Canon Medical Systems UK; Megan Newberry, Account Manager at Canon Medical Systems UK; Karen Trebilcock, Senior Radiographer; Dr Andrew Edwards, Consultant Radiologist; Dr Madeline Strugnell, Consultant Radiologist; Florence Weatherly, Senior Radiographer; and Kate Shields, CEO.