Canon Medical Managed Equipment Services: A long-term solution from a long term provider

Canon Medical is one of the UK’s leading providers of expert equipment services to the NHS. Our specialist MES team works with NHS Trusts to plan, manage and maintain medical equipment facilities, applying best practices that maximise availability, minimise risk, improve patient care and deliver long-term efficiencies. A dedicated financial modelling solution allows the comparison of multiple scenarios. Duration, replacement schedule, future growth rates can all be varied and reviewed for impact on the MES agreement.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, a Canon Medical MES offers freedom of clinical choice. This means that in all circumstances the clinicians will benefit from the best possible clinical solution for their department.

For over 10 years Canon Medical have provided MES services to trusts around the country. We are the only provider that offers, and is able to implement, ISO 9001 accredition to an MES run operation. Thereby we ensure that the same high quality standards of Canon Medical are extended to the MES services we provide.

Canon Medical MES Benefits

  • A Canon Medical MES will provide greater income to your NHS Trust through such things as VAT savings
  • You are looking for your aged equipment to be replaced by top technology both now and in the future? A Canon Medical MES guarantees and finances that vision, delivering in both the short and long-term
  • When future equipment refresh is carried out, finance is pre-arranged, so you can be assured that at the end of product lifecycles (5/7/10 years) that new equipment will be acquired on time.
  • Over the long term your needs will change. Therefore the Canon Medical MES clinical choice allows your MES to change with you. Canon Medical’s MES flexibility will enable you to change technologies when you need to.
  • Long-term and short-term, you can concentrate on patient care, while we concentrate on delivering top technology via a flexible world-class Managed Equipment Service
  • The holistic advantage of a Canon Medical MES is that the technological, performance related, maintenance as well as financial risks are passed to Canon:
    • Capital equipment can be kept off the Trust balance sheet
    • Capital charges are no longer levied and the VAT recovery potential is significant


I needed a large investment in equipment in year one of my contract. I was delighted that Canon Medical could deliver it with a unitary charge spread over the whole period.Radiology Business Manager, NHS Trust