Site Planning

Canon Medical fully understand the enormous task of replacing or redesigning a complex medical room and facility within a very busy hospital department and all the challenges that go along with that. As such, we provide a drawing department dedicated to designing the best layout of your room, in conjunction with your key stakeholders, we ensure that you get the room you require and that the clinical and patient needs are met, as well as maintaining the correct flow around the room. On-site drawings are sometimes a very practical way of designing a room in a short period of time. Our draftsman come along with us onsite and would design your space in real-time, addressing any potential issues before they happen and reducing the amount of time to bring together and agreed solution. During this process we can also demonstrate the flexibility of the design process, offering different options and solutions whilst all the key stakeholders are present.

We are also leading the way with 3D room layouts, giving a real perspective on the room and environment ensuring space is used as effectively as possible.

Feedback from our customers has been staggering particularly surrounding the 3D element which allows them to be able to fully see the space that is being created for them during the design phase. Getting this right at the beginning of a project ensures we produce the room that you require – getting it right first time.

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Room Design