Giving medical equipment a second life

For over 80 years Canon Medical has been a pioneer in diagnostic imaging. From leading X-ray products to high-performance CT scanners, innovative ultrasound ­machines and patient-friendly MRI systems, our solutions have been helping revolutionize clinical practice with innovative technology, solid performance and exceptional value.

Because outstanding quality lasts, used Canon Medical imaging equipment remains of high value and forms a solid basis for our Secondlife™ refurbishment program. After careful selection, professional de-installation, cleaning and manufacturer-certified refurbishment we deliver reliable pre-owned imaging systems with advanced technology and quality at affordable costs to accommodate a variety of budgets.

Vantage Titan
Aplio 500

Our promise – your guarantee
All our Secondlife systems are refurbished according to the highest industry standards including the COCIR Good Refurbishment Practice. The Secondlife refurbishment program is a quality-controlled process and certified according to ISO 13485:2003 – an industry first. Our Secondlife systems are shipped with the latest applicable software upgrades and include one full year of warranty.

Good Refurbishment Practice


Ten good reasons to decide on a Canon Medical Secondlife System

  • Secondlife systems have the same high quality as brand-new Canon Medical systems.
  • Your new Secondlife product ships with one full year of factory warranty.
  • All Secondlife equipment is upgraded to the latest applicable software version.
  • We use only original spare parts in the Secondlife refurbishment process.
  • Your Secondlife system can be configured to fully meet your needs.
  • We provide factory-approved user training on your Secondlife equipment.
  • Our Secondlife CT scanners ship standard with one year warranty also on the X-ray tube.
  • We offer the availability of accessories and options for up to five years.
  • We trade in your used equipment at fair market price when you buy new Canon Medical equipment.
  • We offer a range of mobile and temporary solutions for you to provide uninterrupted service.