The Canon Medical Secondlife Refurbishing Program

As the original equipment manufacturer, Canon Medical Secondlife is the ideal source for reliable refurbished imaging systems. Our refurbishment program is meticulous and demanding to meet the high standards of quality and reliability you can expect from Canon Medical. All imaging systems considered for the Secondlife refurbishment program undergo the same process from careful selection, professional de-installation and refurbishment, installation and after-sales support.

Vendor-independent trade-in
When you purchase a new medical imaging system from Canon Medical, we offer you to trade in your used equipment – regardless of its brand. In a pre-purchase inspection our experts test and value your machine and trade it in for a fair market price. Only the very best pre-owned systems are selected for our Secondlife refurbishment program.

Sourcing our equipment
The Secondlife refurbishment process starts already at the equipment’s original site with a test run and status report carried out by an authorized service engineer. This way we make sure only the best equipment is selected for our full refurbishment process. Fully trained professionals de-install the equipment and transfer it to our refurbishment center in Aalborg.

Secondlife Program

The Secondlife leaf is your guarantee.
When choosing to purchase refurbished equipment, you need to have confidence in your decision – you need a partner you can trust to deliver the quality you expect and the technology you need. We deliver superior quality, high-value equipment backed by a one-year warranty – just as a new ­system. The high standards of our ­refurbishing program ensure that we honor this promise, every time!


Quality and Service only Canon Medical can deliver

From sourcing pre-owned medical imaging equipment to delivering fully refurbished and factory-certified scanners including installation and technical training – Canon Medical Secondlife delivers a full-spectrum service ensuring best quality products and an outstanding customer experience. Our factory-trained engineers have in-depth knowledge of each and every system and our ISO-certified refurbishment program meets the highest industry standards.

Every Secondlife imaging system passes our certified and original manufacturer-approved quality control process. For a CT scanner this includes no less than 162 steps.

The refurbishment process
After careful disinfection of the system at our refurbishment center, all parts and components undergo certified functional and technical tests. The equipment is cleaned inside out and all damaged or worn parts are replaced with original Canon Medical spare parts. Worn covers are repainted or replaced.

Upgrading and customization
As a standard procedure of our Secondlife refurbishment program we upgrade each system to the latest applicable software version. As the original equipment manufacturer we can also customize configurations and install original options according to your specific requirements. To ensure the best quality and reliability, all Secondlife CT systems receive brand-new, original tubes.

Quality control and delivery
The refurbishment process is rounded off by an electrical safety test and an extensive quality control procedure that ensures all Canon Medical original equipment manufacturer specifications are met. The Secondlife sticker is placed as a seal of quality. Finally, your equipment is delivered with a full one-year original manufacturer’s warranty.

Secondlife Refurbishment
Secondlife Refurbishment
Secondlife Refurbishment

Secondlife Refurbishment
Secondlife Refurbishment
Secondlife Refurbishment


Canon Medical’s ultrasound transducers are manufactured to meet the highest standards of durability and clinical performance for a wide range for clinical specialties. Our Secondlife refurbishment program helps maintaining this high performance over an extended period of time. Factory-trained technicians complete the test procedures, making sure all original manufacturing specifications are met. Whether you require a temporary or permanent replacement transducer, Canon Medical can deliver at affordable cost.

Secondlife Transducer
With comprehensive test and repair capabilities for standard and specialty probes, our Secondlife program can supply a wide range of pre-owned transducers.

Secondlife Transducer
Function and performance of each individual transducer element are verified in an automated test ­procedure, followed by a phantom test confirming the diagnostic performance.

Secondlife Transducer
After passing the final safety test and quality assurance check according to Canon Medical’s original manufacturer standards, the transducer is labeled, documented and re-packaged.

Secondlife transducer stages

Transducer selection
Transducers undergoing the Secondlife process are carefully ­selected based on their visual and functional state, as well as on the ­service history of the corresponding trade-in equipment. Our highly qualified Secondlife engineers carefully eval­uate and document each transducer’s ­performance ­according to a stringent protocol. Only transducers that fully meet our quality and performance ­requirements will pass the final quality assurance check.

Secondlife transducer repair

Top sellers

Xario Rental


The SSA-660A, Xario is the workhorse of Diagnostic equipment and is one of the most popular ultrasound systems in the market. Xario’s powerful system architecture, whose intelligent components work and communicate autonomously, supports the most advanced imaging functions. Xario is also easy to upgrade, to keep you abreast of new ultrasound techniques. Excellent diagnostic performance. Operator comfort that inspires productivity. And outstanding connectivity features. Xario – Quite simply, the prime ultrasound system for a wide range of clinical applications.

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Aplio XG


The SSA-790A, Aplio XG is a premium-class digital ultrasound system incorporating state-of-the-art technologies. It is provided with the highest level of image quality and operability and can be used with ease for research as well as routing clinical studies. Its full range of high-performance imaging functions lets you visualize minute tissue details and vascular structures with precision for a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

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