Canon Medical Systems – statement on BREXIT preparations

As the Brexit negotiations continue it would appear that there will not be certainty about the exact terms of the UK withdrawal agreement, and how this will practically impact on cross-border trade and transportation, until close to the March 29th leaving date and beyond. Resultantly, for planning towards a smooth continuation of customer support though this risky period we have assumed there will be some delays, and disruption, through customs, as a company that imports directly from our EU hub in Holland.

Canon Medical Systems have therefore decided to take a pragmatic approach to ensure continuity of service to all our customers which will encompass the most likely eventualities. We are not anticipating that the final deal with the EU will lead to potential disruption to regulatory issues which would significantly impact on the accreditation and importation of products. Consequently we do not anticipate any change to the availability or lead time of new systems.

More importantly, we recognise that the most critical issue for patients and customers is to manage the continued and immediate availability of spare parts. We already stock a large number of spares in the UK for seven day support, which we continually replenish from our main European spare parts distribution centre in The Netherlands. Moreover, we believe that our logistics processes will overcome any change to administration required, but the possibility of delays when parts are urgently required is a concern. To overcome this possibility, our intention in the lead up to March 29th is to significantly increase our stock of UK parts to cover a larger range of parts for all our systems and also to mitigate for the risk of slower replenishment of commonly used parts. In fact we will stockpile a big investment in more, and a broader range of spare parts, to better guarantee immediate availability throughout the transition period, however that may eventually turn out.

Finally, we have audited our supply chain, suppliers that enable us to deliver full solutions, and satisfied ourselves that these suppliers are also taking appropriate strategies to ensure continued supply to us.

We are confident that by taking these measures we will be able to ensure continuity of support to all our customers and make a commitment that no reduction in our high levels of service provision will be experienced.

Mark Hitchman
Managing Director
Canon Medical Systems Limited