Transition to Canon Medical Systems UK extends the breadth of innovations in imaging solutions, service and education

Positive benefits will cascade from acquisition to support NHS and private healthcare

The transition of Toshiba Medical Systems to Canon Medical Systems UK is complete and it not only brings a name change, but also fresh energy, greater access to innovations and an expanding portfolio of world class imaging systems.

The UK team will continue to support NHS and private healthcare institutions with products, solutions and services. But by now being part of Canon Medical Systems Corporation, the UK team will be able to further their support of imaging professionals and hospital management facing unprecedented challenges from increasing imaging demand, skills shortages and budget constraints.

A 2018 programme of Canon Medical Systems UK study days are in place available to view online at These are designed for radiographers, sonographers, radiologists, cardiologists and neurologists to fully optimise their knowledge of the systems and applications they use. This will ensure that systems are used to their full potential, delivering not only a sound return on imaging investment, but also that patients can benefit from the latest techniques being used to diagnose or manage their clinical conditions.

This new chapter will accelerate R&D into the design of imaging systems that are patient-friendly, while powering workflow productivity in today’s modern healthcare environment. This will be underpinned by Canon’s heritage of providing state-of-the-art innovation and support to over 140 countries and regions.

“It’s a new name, but it’s the same great people, world-class service, innovative solutions and a shared philosophy of ‘Made for Life’,” states Mark Hitchman, UK Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems Ltd. “Moving from Toshiba Medical Systems to Canon Medical Systems is a huge opportunity for our customers, employees and wider stakeholders. The patient is still at the heart of what we do, but as part of a larger organisation we can gain access to greater research and development opportunities to power innovation and support humanity. It seems apt that the same year that the NHS has its 70th birthday, we transition to be part of a global institution with a 100-year history and commitment to improving the quality of life for all.”

He continues, “Our sustainability targets and earth-friendly initiatives will continue under the Canon Medical Systems brand, showing our commitment to our planet and its finite resources. We work to a Voluntary Environmental Plan that follows a cycle of making, using, returning and reusing. This actively reduces waste in manufacturing sites plus reduces CO2 emissions at our office, our transport fleet and throughout the entire production and lifecycle of medical equipment used by UK hospitals. Canon’s corporate philosophy is ‘Kyosei’, a Japanese word that means living and working together for the common good. In this spirit, we have minimised waste during this organisational transition and name change by donating over 350 pieces of Toshiba Medical Systems branded clothing to a local homeless charity and handing over redundant brand stationery such as notepads and pens to our local hospital in Crawley.”