Ultrasound plays a major role in MSK disease assessment. It facilitates patient follow-up when its resolutions and real-time acquisition deliver high-resolution images in static or dynamic conditions.

iDMS Active Matrix probes Intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice technology (iDMS) increases clinical accuracy and reveals more detail in all depths for muscle or tendon fibre injuries by electronically focusing the beam multi-dimensionally. iDMS provides ultra-thin, uniform slices for enhanced elevation and contrast resolution.

Ultra High Frequency imaging (>20 MHz) provides the best possible resolution for tendons, nerves, and ligaments. It delivers structure analysis for better micro lesions detection.

Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI) SMI combines very high sensitivity for slow flows, ultra-high frame rate, and motion artifacts reduction. These elements are key qualities for low-grade inflammations detection and staging.


“Muscle fiber injuries are practically our daily business and can be ideally covered with Canon Medical’s ultrasound system”.

Dr. Thomas Hoffelner
Trauma Surgeon and Team Doctor for Red Bull Salzburg, Austria.