United Nations Recognises Canon Medial Systems’ Carbon Neutral Agenda

Canon Medical Systems are officially recognised with partner status from the United Nations’ Division for Sustainable Development Goals (DSDG). This significant success comes as a result of the continued sustainability efforts through its Carbon Zero programme that is leading to improvements in the health and welfare of people in Uganda and Kenya.

This scheme, managed by specialists CO2balance and monitored by the United Nations, provides 35 modern fuel efficient stoves per MRI system sold. This reduces the amount of smoke particles in a family home by the equivalent to 2 packets of inhaled cigarettes per day. The amount of firewood needed is also halved, delivering further environmental and quality of life positives, such as time savings on wood collection so children do not miss school and lessening deforestation benefitting wildlife habitats and flood prevention.

“There isn’t just enough fuel out there. I have to say that the stove has helped us to utilize every little available fuel. The stove works well with them. I am happy to say that never before had I seen a project done in a free and fair manner like this, we accept it and are proud to have been selected as beneficiaries. We wish that everyone benefits”.Alice Awino Otieno

To date we have helped save 17,015 tonnes of wood, provided 14,052,759 litres of clean water and supplied 3473 stoves

Our Carbon Zero project has achieved four sustainable development goals which led to the partner accolade from the United Nations.

Good Health and Wellbeing

Distributing fuel efficient cookstoves through the Kenyan energy efficient stove project has resulted in a 50% reduction in the need for firewood; less firewood means less smoke, reducing the likelihood of life-threatening respiratory conditions

Gender Equality

Through local borehole regeneration, the task of collecting fresh water, usually by women and children, is less onerous as it no longer requires sterilisation on an open fire. This in turn means women are able to play a greater role within society and more children can attend school, improving gender equality and education.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Supplying families with clean water significantly reduces the need to burn firewood for sterilisation and limits the threat of disease. One borehole user said, “The water we drank was always dirty and I worried my children would become sick with typhoid or other water-borne diseases. Our lives have improved so much since the borehole was repaired.”

Climate Action

A key aim is to reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. The result of this to date has been a total offset of C02 emissions of 27,476 tonnes.

Canon Medical System’s industry standing is enhanced by its involvement in industry bodies and associations:

Trade Association for suppliers of imaging and healthcare equipment in the UK

UK Radiological and Radioation Oncology Congress

European Congress of Radiology

British Medical Ultrasound Society

Canon Medical Systems is present at all the major Global trade exhibitions each year, with equipment and representatives promoting innovations:

British Institute of Radiology

Royal College of Radiologists

Radiological Society of North America

Arab Health Dubai