Providing reliable and accurate results is the most important in Neuro MRI. Therefore we focus on quantifiable outcomes using several techniques like 3D ASL (Arterial Spin Labeling) to enable robust perfusion imaging even without the use of a contrast agent. To be able to have matching follow-up scans we encourage users to use our NeuroLine+ solution that helps the operator to make every scan right on the first attempt. Finally Olea Nova™+ eliminates the need for multiple scans with different settings as the parameters can be changed even after the patient already has left the scanner.

Olea Nova™+

“Auto Scan Assist Neuroline+

3D ASL with SSFP
(Arterial Spin Labeling)
Diffusion Tensor Tractrography
3D ASL Perfusion


“MultiBand Diffusion Sequence has reduced our clinical scan times by half compared to the traditional Spin Echo Diffusion for both Brain and Abdominal Regions. Moreover, the new multiband sequence has helped reduce artifacts in areas of high susceptibility such as air and bone while overall improving ADC maps.”

Dr. Xavier Alomar
Head of Radiology
Clinica Creu Blanca, Barcelona, Spain

“Instead of generating an image of brain structures, you can also easily measure how frequently specific types of molecules that are involved in metabolism occur in the brain.”

Dr. Andreas Schilling
Head of the Radiology Department
Klinikum Frankfurt (Oder), Germany