Spare Parts

Keeping you running always

We realise that for healthcare professionals and their patients, time is of the essence.So, should there be a need for repair, we’ve invested hugely in ensuring our inventory of stock is primed and ready to go.

In fact, we have an expansive list of parts within easy reach. These are located across our five warehouses in the UK and Holland, and help us to ensure that 97% of requests are delivered on the day, or within 24 hours.

No limits guarantee

Should an issue arise we will not be satisfied until you’re up and running and fully operational again.

We understand that you are the experts, and we work on the premise that a problem isn’t fixed until you say it’s fixed. So, we’ll never close a call until everything’s been tested and you’re completely satisfied that any issues you were experiencing have been resolved.

We’re here for you even when we’re not

Sometimes these wheels are set in motion before you’re even aware there’s an issue. Our InnerVision remote-diagnostics allows us 24-hour remote access to your systems, meaning we can identify a problem and start working on a solution for you immediately.

Of course, while we’re sourcing the appropriate solutions we’re mindful to minimise any impact on you and your patients. Therefore, in the event of your system experiencing some downtime, we offer replacement equipment for loan or hire, while your machine is being repaired.

“Courteous, knowledgeable and never condescending”

From an independent Customer Satisfaction Survey (User & Purchaser, CT)