How diagnostic imaging collaborations expand knowledge of sports medicine

Partnerships between the medical imaging industry, sporting organisations and academic institutions are an important way to expand knowledge of the human body.

Not only do clinical collaborations help to provide early sports injury detection, faster rehabilitation and more detailed clinical sports surveillance, they can also help cascade knowledge into wider population health projects and fuel innovation in medical imaging applications for the NHS.

Man conducting an ultrasound scan on an athlete

Routine & research imaging at Manchester United Football Club

Canon Medical Systems UK is the ‘official medical systems partner’ to Manchester United Football Club providing advanced CT, MRI and ultrasound to support to all players. The facility also undertakes proactive health surveillance and research in the areas of cardiac, MSK and neurology.


3 footballers chasing a football

5 footballers playing a game of football

Launch of sports medicinemobile cardiac lab

Professor Guido Pieles, a Consultant Cardiologist at the Institute of Sports Exercise and Health London, has developed a dedicated sports medicine mobile cardiac laboratory in conjunction with HCA Healthcare Ltd and Canon Medical UK.

It provides specialised cardiac performance evaluation using ECG and 4D echocardiography to help provide in-depth assessment of cardiac anatomy and function to identify pre-existing cardiac abnormalities and offer advice for optimal sports medicine management and follow-up.

Enriching lives through collaboration with the Sheffield Sharks

Canon Medical Systems are working in association with the professional basketball team, Sheffield Sharks, to deliver a unique programme called ‘RESPECT’. The RESPECT programme focuses on improving the chances for young people to break away from a cycle of disadvantage; giving hope and confidence, plus practical skills to create better opportunities in life.


Group of children with their arms in the air stood behind a canon medical banner