Mark Hitchman – Managing Director


As someone who was once a healthcare professional, and indeed an ex customer of this company, I do have the benefit of knowing what matters in that difficult environment. This experience has been a source of inspiration throughout the rest of my career including CT Applications specialist at Canon Medical, Senior CT Product Manager for CT at Philips in Holland, General Manager at Canon Medical for Big Equipment, Managing Director at Nucletron, a Radiotherapy company, and latterly in my current role. My aspiration for Canon Medical Systems UK is for us to be the best employer in the sector, and the best-in-class supplier to our customers. This means our personnel have to be empowered, and have autonomy to make choices and decisions. And it’s the same for our customers, that they must be free to focus on clinical outcomes and patients, while we as a partner take away the risks and challenges of working with complex technology that is worked around the clock.

We are relishing the challenges of an environment that brings ever increasing demands to us all.

Graham Little – Chief Financial Officer

I have 30 years of financial management experience and expertise, 15 of which have been with Canon Medical Systems.  In this role, l direct all financial aspects of the business including accounting practices, budgeting, financial planning, tax planning, interface with the financial community, financial analysis, pension scheme governance and I am responsible for all Company infrastructure.

My role is responsible for all aspects of Finance and Administration within the company allowing my fellow colleagues to deliver best in class customer attention, whether this is removing the burden of administration from them or helping them with their customers at all times.

Prior to joining Canon Medical Systems I held positions as European Financial Controller and subsequently UK Finance Director for Johnson Wax Professional. Prior to this, various roles within one of the large Accountancy Firms (now PwC) both in the UK and in Canada.

Alistair Howseman – Director of Sales, CT/MR/XR/HII


I have worked in the world of diagnostic imaging for over 30 years, initially doing academic research in MRI in Nottingham and then moving into a variety of industrial roles culminating in my current role at Canon Medical. My previous roles in MRI, CT and Nuclear Medicine have given me a broad understanding of the needs of our customers and the challenges we face as an industrial partner to meet those needs in a rapidly changing global environment. Whilst the imaging technology supplied now is so much more powerful and complex than ever before, the pressures of modern healthcare delivery mean that this technology also has to be dependable during very long working hours and with heavy usage. At Canon Medical, we have a culture of enjoying and rising to that challenge and believe that providing cutting edge technology to the UK market with our specialist support network, both here in the UK and with global back up, brings out the very best in a world class team so that our clinical partners can provide the highest quality of care using the equipment we supply.


Stuart Mills – Director of Sales Ultrasound


Following qualification as an ODA in the 1980’s I decided to change my career path utilising my clinical experience within commercial sales and management roles. I have remained passionate about my career spanning over 22 years, during which time I have been involved in the acquisitions of businesses, setting up a business and running a specialist business unit within Stryker UK, Global leader in Orthopaedics. The world of Ultrasound is forever changing and challenging but the business knowledge and experience I have gained during previous roles aid me daily in the position of Ultrasound General Manager. At Canon Medical we are proud to continually deliver new technologies that give our customers confidence in their diagnosis. We pride ourselves on achieving exceptional customer service and enjoy the relationships that we have built with our customers over many years. These relationships are built on trust and honesty which are part of our core values.


Ian Watson – Director, Commercial Solutions

I started my work life as an electronics apprentice in Slough working for a boiler controls company. After graduating, I moved to Hewlett Packard where I was employed as a mainframe computer engineer, looking after mainframe computing centres at large companies like Glaxo, Hertz, Amersham International. After five years I passed the managers board and became Southern Area Customer Services Manager in HP’s Medical Division. My role expanded over the years to include Northern Europe as Services Sales Manager, looking after customers in UK, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and the Nordic region. I was doing a lot travelling – usually twice a week, but thankfully the offices were close to airports!

In 1999, HP Split into two business’s with the new Healthcare Business becoming part of Agilent Technologies. In 2000 the Healthcare business was bought by Philips, and I became Service Sales Manager, for the whole of Philips Medical business in the UK and Ireland.

I joined Canon Medical in 2013 because it has always been a respected company within the healthcare industry. It was viewed as a niche player but extremely well run. A go-getting company that concentrated on what it was really good at. I’d had common customers in previous roles and those customers would always rave about the customer service from Canon.


Paul Parsons – Director, Service and Technical Support

Having nearly 30 years’ experience in service delivery, predominantly in the Medical Sector has enabled me to define what Canon Medical Systems support should be about. Through my 16 years at Canon Medical I have been fortunate enough to hire, train and deliver un-surpassed service support and am proud of the reputation we have built up in this area.

I commenced my working life with an electronics apprenticeship before moving into service management with 3M. I gained a sound background in many sectors including Healthcare, Security, Large Format Printing and NAS / SAN devices before extended my role as a Business Development Manager to develop emerging markets and regions in Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

I have developed a service philosophy that meets the ever changing environment we operate within. I know there is no single approach and a one size fits all to service, that is why we have developed our business support to reflect our customer’s individual needs – creating a team and culture of going that extra mile.

I hold a MBA in Technology Management and also a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Applied Math’s / Physics.




Caroline Deacon – Head of Human Resources


At Canon Medical Systems the ability to provide our customers with a first class Canon Medical experience is enhanced by our highly skilled and knowledgeable people who are committed to satisfying our customers, and through them, make a direct contribution towards patient care.

Finding the best people, whose values are aligned to those of our business is extremely important to us – that way we ensure our people are truly motivated by their work and are engaged with our highly important customers. For us this is a win-win situation and by placing employee satisfaction high on our strategic agenda we continue to attract and retain the best people.

For our people working at Canon Medical Systems goes beyond traditional 9.00 to 5.00 pm working.  Our people are personally committed to our customers and their patients by going the extra mile to ensure that imaging systems can operate around the clock.  In return we look after our people through stable employment, offering competitive remuneration and benefits packages to ensure they know how much they are appreciated and an opportunity to work in a challenging and rewarding environment.

Maiko Davison – Head of Marketing and Presales Operations


I have worked for Canon Medical Systems for 10 years and during this time graduating from the Cambridge Marketing College.

With overall responsibility of the marketing department, I am proud that we have developed a successful, creative marketing function with a marketing team that aims to be the best in the business with our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

We are constantly striving to understand our customers’ needs and challenges so that we can be a true partner that can really make a difference.

Dik Hoogmoed – Regulatory Affairs and QA Manager


With 33 years of working for Canon Medical, I bring a wealth of experience to the QA/RA role. My background is in ultrasound engineering, and I have held roles in European Technical Support, UK Service Management, the IT Department and latterly Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs both in the UK as well as on European level. The variety of positions I have had provides me with a deep understanding of many aspects of our organisation.

My aspiration is for Canon Medical to be the most reliable and trustworthy partner in the diagnostic imaging industry. Fair and open communication on product safety issues. Clear communication with our customers as well as authorities such as the MHRA. This is achieved through rigorous process control in all aspects of our business and is backed up by Canon having achieved no less than three ISO accreditations: 9001, 14001 and 18001.

Rosie Beattie – Regional Ultrasound Manager (North)


My degree education was in Physiotherapy, and I have now worked in the Ultrasound and Medical Devices industry for fourteen years.  In this relatively short time, I have watched the complexity and pressure of providing exceptional patient care increase exponentially.  Industry has a huge part to play in ensuring that delivery of service and patient care remains constant, no matter the changing landscape.

Canon Medical is a company that lives and breathes its commitment to our customers and their patients.  I believe it is crucial that Canon Medical acts in partnership with its customers, and provides cost effective solutions and cutting edge technology that meets their needs.  I enjoy most the challenge of finding the right imaging solution for our customers, and working with our industry leading team of Applications Specialists and Engineers to then ensure that our customers receive gold standard support and service.


Tim Palarm – Regional Ultrasound Manager (South)


Diagnostic imaging has been my working life for over 30 years. I have worked as a Radiographer in the NHS before moving into higher education in the early nineties. I have been employed as a Lecturer at two UK universities and Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England. My academic experience, and Master’s degree in Medical Ultrasound, enabled me to design and deliver a brand new and innovative postgraduate programme. My experience, and knowledge, of this clinical speciality has been invaluable during the past 16 years with Canon Medical.

I enjoy continuing to listen and understand our customers’ needs and how best to support them, and their patients, in a challenging healthcare environment. I want our customers to receive the best level of after-sales support in the business, through engaging with our experienced and talented ultrasound team in order to achieve the most from their equipment. We at Canon Medical aspire to be a true partner and always undertake our business with honesty and integrity.


Linda Horsfall – Branch Manager, Northern England and Scotland


After qualifying as a Radiographer in 1990 I gained diverse professional experience in a variety of medical imaging facilities around the world. CT became an area of special interest which I consolidated through post graduate qualifications. Upon returning to the UK in 2001 I began my career with Canon Medical Systems as a CT Applications Specialist; this coincided with a revolution in CT technology making it an exciting and dynamic time to be working with emergent technologies.

In 2007 I joined Canon Medical’s management team as Applications Manager, heading up the rapidly expanding team of CT, MRI and X-Ray Applications Specialists. During this time I completed an MBA moving into my current role as Northern & Scottish Branch Manager in 2010.

As a team we are constantly striving to understand the complex challenges our customers face in an ever changing political and clinical landscape. Achieving this is fundamental to us developing meaningful, sustainable partnerships in which we deliver robust, reliable and clinically relevant cutting edge medical imaging solutions that are supported with exceptional service and training for the lifetime of that system.

Simon Weeden – Branch Manager, Southern England and Wales

I started out as a radiographer – clinical at first, and then I moved into industrial radiography, which is completely fascinating as it is so varied. We would XRAY anything from weaponry, pipelines to Formula One wheels! I have even been responsible for the project that scanned the welds on the big oil tanks at London Heathrow. It was tough work, unsocial hours and filthy dirty, but gave me a great understanding and liking for the commercial side of working. I was the main radiographer in the lab, coordinating the field team (called Bombers) and analysing and reporting on the images.

Following that I became interested in the companies that manufactured the machines, and became a regional manager in the UK for a French manufacturer. Canon Medical then approached me to help them launch their XRAY range, as I was able to provide the clinical expertise they needed to engage with Radiologists and clinical teams. Now I look after all of Big Equipment (CT, MR, XRAY), backed up by comprehensive clinical experts that we have in house.

I am always talking and working with customers, it’s my favourite part of what I do. As a company we don’t “sell and move on” we focus on customer satisfaction for the life of the systems, offering application clinical support for example, and ensuring our customers are happy and getting the most from their investment.

Matt Solomon – Head of Projects and Installations


My career started at GEC Medical in 1980 which was made up with the amalgamation of Watson and Sons X-ray (Wembley) and AE Deans (Croydon). I completed my Electrical/ Electronics apprenticeship here which then took me down the path of Service Engineering in X-ray. I have now been at Canon Medical Systems for the past 21 years where my role has progressed from X-Ray / Cardiovascular Service Engineering to a spell in Sales and now back home to Operational Service Management.

My aspirations for Canon Medical Systems UK is to remain the best-in-class for providing Superior Customer Service and to be a trustworthy partner to the Imaging industry and our customers. We pride ourselves on Quality in Service which is supported by our ISO accreditations (ISO 9001, 14001 +18001).



Mark Thomas – Modality Manager; CT


Graduating from the University of Wales College Medicine in 1998 with a BSc (Hons) in Diagnostic Radiography, I spent the first 4 and half years working at the University Hospital of Wales. Leaving Wales, I spent the next years of my life working in Australia, Scotland, and the South Coast of England before my last Radiographer position at the Neuroradiology Unit at the Radcliffe Infirmary in Oxford. For the last 3 years of my time at Oxford I managed the Neuro CT service.

Utilising the wealth of CT knowledge I had gained during my clinical career, I joined Canon Medical as a CT Applications Specialist in 2008. In 2010, I was appointed Clinical Applications Manager for the X-Ray, MR, and CT business, maintaining and developing a team of industry leading Applications Specialists.

In 2016, working with a team of first class CT Specialists my focus has moved back to our CT business, ensuring that our industry leading CT products and support, continue to meet the demands of the world’s leading healthcare market.


Matthew Aylen – Business Support Manager


Within the ‘Back Office’, my role is to ensure the efficient processing of orders, manage relationships with our suppliers and oversee the wider aspects of our customer relationship management system. Office based, we support our field staff as they ensure our customers needs are met and act as a one-stop-shop for all parts of the business where we can – hence ‘Business Support’.
Since joining Canon Medical in 2004, I have worked primarily in the IT Department, holding the role of IT Manager for five years. My IT background has supported me well as I moved into ‘Business Support’, with day-to-day management of our CRM system a main task.

Before Canon Medical, I worked in the City of London at various financial institutions including a major Japanese bank.

Tracy Jones – Service Support Manager


I have worked for Canon Medical System for over 4 years, all my time with Canon Medical has been working in the Service Department. My current role in managing the back office team is to continue to ensure Customer Satisfaction is at its maximum. We work hard to ensure every interaction with the Service Support team is a positive one. I have worked in Healthcare Customer Support for over 20 years, this has given me a varied overview of the needs and requirements of our customer.


Tim Pearson – Service Operations Manager


My life with Canon Medical started in the year 2000 as a field based engineer. 15 years later I find myself managing complete service delivery to our customers in terms of engineering and call centre support. This is a very demanding role, continually trying to plan services, upgrades, modifications, installations and day to day calls from customers and engineers alike. What I love about the role is the continued and ongoing interactions with all parts of the business and the customer, everyone needs the service department for something. Customer focus and satisfaction has always been my main driver at Canon Medical, and this is something I am now able to champion and drive through the whole service business. I have worked in Healthcare Customer Support for over 20 years, this has given me a varied overview of the needs and requirements of our customer.

Kyle Nell – IT Manager


My journey with Canon Medical started in 2009 when I joined as an IT Co-ordinator, prior to this I worked for a number of well-known companies across different industry sectors. Now the IT manager, my role and that of my department is to help maintain the daily running of Canon Medical Systems IT environment and ensure the IT needs of our colleagues and the business are best supported, allowing Canon Medical to continue to deliver the excellent customer service that we are known for as the company evolves.

Having worked in the IT industry since 2001. with much of that time being customer facing, I know the true value of providing a superior customer service and believe that at Canon Medical this is one of the many things we do best.

Joe Vincent – Commercial Solutions Manager

Having graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences, I spent the first part of my career working in investment banking.  Following this, I held various roles within private healthcare organisations in operations, sales, marketing, business development and software development and project management.

I joined Canon Medical Systems in 2016 as Commercial Solutions Manager as I believe my experiences in finance / healthcare mirror the needs of the business.  I believe Canon Medical has a fantastic range of products, services and people with good prospects for growth going forward.

The Commercial Solutions team has continued to expand and there is a great variety in the types of projects and sales opportunities we work on.  In a market that is increasingly under financial pressure, it is a great opportunity for us to deliver solutions to our customers and a really vibrant place to work.