With a rapidly changing and fragmented Healthcare system, delivering integrated patient-centered care is more important than ever. Canon Medical Systems is committed to ensuring imaging intelligence is embedded in each step of a patient’s journey, from acquisition to follow-up, to delivering patient-centric care.

Born from Canon Medical’s “Made for Life” philosophy and unwavering commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life, Collaborative imaging enables customers to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes, while effectively managing and reducing cybersecurity risks.

The initiative fuses multiple diagnostic imaging modalities with leading clinical applications to deliver holistic, optimized patient information to Healthcare providers at the point of care.

Collaborative imaging revolves around four pillars which are the cornerstones of a patient’s journey: Scan, Diagnose & Treat, Share, and Analyze.

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Intelligent acquisition, thanks to a range of imaging modalities, helps customers clearly visualize patients.

Intelligent processing integrates advanced visualization tools, some of which make it possible to detect, classify and characterize conditions at the point of image acquisition.

Intelligent analytics provide detailed analysis of data throughout the organization to help manage the practice and automatically highlight opportunities for clinical and operational improvement.

Intelligent sharing seamlessly integrates, optimizes, and shares information across all networks — regardless of vendor or system.