Responding to the challenges of today with a vision for the future

With the challenges facing healthcare providers set to increase, the expectation for manufacturers to provide immediate, affordable and flexible solutions becomes ever more pressing. Canon Medical systems are responding to these challenges with innovative products and services.

Canon Medical Systems is incredibly proud to run a fleet of Mobile and Relocatable CT and MRI units which are in use throughout the UK, available for rental or purchase. We offer transportable CT and MRI solutions to healthcare providers, either to provide extra capacity or as part 
of an interim solution. Before arrival, we arrange for a detailed site survey to be carried out and will work with your teams to manage all of the logistics to ensure a seamless delivery.

Mobile – CT and MRI

The mobile units provide excellent support for customers, whether to cover a period of planned system downtime, or to meet peaks in demand, they can be deployed to wherever they are needed in the country. With expandable sides, patient staircase and lift for access, these are very flexible solutions and easy to deliver.

Relocatable – CT and MRI

The relocatable units are designed to feel like a distinct building, as part of the hospital, and they are at ground level, so no need for staircases. Beautifully spacious, the units provide both operator and patient with plenty of room to move. As with the mobiles, these units have lead lined ceilings making all the units suitable for built-up areas and all the units have contrast injectors on-board. The units have security cameras included as standard with CCTV and alarm systems. All units are fully supported by remote monitoring including Innervision™ which allow service teams to monitor CT systems and trailers remotely.

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