Responding to the challenges of today with a vision for the future

At Canon Medical Systems we work in tandem with our customers and partners to ensure we meet the diagnostic community’s changing requirements. We share their ambition to improve patient outcomes and continually seek new, innovative ways in which we can support their valuable work.

In recent years, there has been a growing need to expand and reform the provision of diagnostic services in the UK, and this demand has intensified since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic.

We continue to adapt to this changing landscape of diagnostic services and we’re confident of the vital role we can play in assisting healthcare professionals to deliver efficient, patient-centred care and diagnostic pathways.

At Canon Medical we are proud of our varied and flexible solutions that range from our relocatable units, to our more permanent bespoke solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each community.

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Our mobile units can be deployed to wherever they are needed in the country, often with very little notice. With expandable sides, a patient staircase and a lift for access, they offer space and flexibility, and can be delivered with ease.


Our relocatable units are designed to feel like a distinct building. The units sit at ground level, so no need for staircases. Installation is eased with the use of hydraulic legs so they do not require crane lifts. The units offer spacious settings and are built with the healthcare professional and patient experience in mind.

What we offer

Mobile Units Flexible financial options

Mobiles and Relocatable Spacious units

Mobiles and RelocatableRapid solutions & access

Mobiles and RelocatableApplications support

Community Diagnostic Centres

Community Diagnostic Centres

Our bespoke, modular facilities create the perfect suite of options for taking diagnostic services out to local communities – helping you to increase local diagnostic capacity by providing easy access to fast, accurate and high-quality services.

We create Community Diagnostic Centres based on your individual requirements, and these can be instantly deployed as a combination of multiple relocatable, or as a modular, fast-build imaging hub. We could even create a pop-up environment within an existing setting and, with every element of our bespoke offering available for rental or purchase, the scope is unlimited.

What we offer

Cutting edge
imaging facilities




Scalable, adaptable
size footprint


Mobiles and Relocatable