Exceptional Image Quality

One, two, three, four, have you seen it yet? Five, six, seven, what about now? Eight, nine, ten…
That can be all the time you have to make a life and death decision on behalf of a patient.

The decisions you make are based on what you see. What you see can save a life, what you miss, can have devastating consequences.
That’s why Canon have always believed in the power of uncompromising excellence in image quality. The same way our photography allows us to discover the world around us, our medical imaging can uncover what’s really going on inside.

Did you spot it?

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We’re obsessed with detail, applying the same legendary expertise
at the same World Class standard.

We are committed to producing superior diagnostic medical imaging solutions that positively impact the working
lives of medical professionals and the millions of patients they treat worldwide.

Workflow – Deep Dive – CT


Global Illumination 4k – Vitrea

Our imaging technology brings ultra-high resolution, 4k detection – meaning your images are crystal clear, minimising any room for error. Each pixel reveals the very finest detail so that you can detect even the smallest anomalies critical in life and death situations.

Advanced Deep Learning Reconstruction using AiCE (Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine) enables phenomenal patient dose reduction, up to 90% below the National Diagnostic Reference Levels, which provides extremely high-quality clinical images in a rapid timeframe. Canon Medical was first to innovate in this area, it offers the most mature system of this kind.

Dr Richard Hawkins
Consultant Radiologist
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Ultimax-i provides a super balance of low dose and exceptional image quality which the radiologists are extremely satisfied with. It is very intuitive to use and its versatility gives us interventional resilience as a back-up to our interventional suite.

Nigel Allen
Radiology Operations Manager
Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Aquilion Prime SP will help us expand our range of procedures, reduce dose factors and improve visualisation for a more confident diagnosis. It shows greater detail in the structures of the heart and surrounding vessels, giving much deeper information to interpret for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Suzanne Pattison
CT Superintendent
Inverclyde Royal Hospital, part of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

It’s not just our class beating specification that separates us from the competition. It’s more than that. It’s our ambition.

The pursuit of providing the perfect image for our customers, one that is capable of saving life itself, forms part of our DNA. It’s a pursuit that started over 100 years ago and will continue for a hundred more.
We know that every pixel matters and we won’t compromise.
We are Canon Medical, we are the experts in medical imaging and we are with you
every step of the way.

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