At Canon Medical Systems UK, we are committed to balancing the health of the planet with the ongoing needs of patients.

The impact of climate change and destruction of the natural world is having a dramatic environmental consequence around the world. 2022 offers an unprecedented opportunity for positive change in UK healthcare. Canon Medical Systems UK aims to be at the forefront of assisting the NHS to achieve its ambitious goal to be the world’s first ‘net zero’ national health service.

Find out how you can start to make progressive steps towards the NHS Carbon Zero targets by reading our Green Guide for UK Diagnostic Imaging.


Supporting the Global Environment

At Canon Medical Systems UK the use of recycled materials, reducing packaging waste and the installation of motion sensor lighting in offices to minimise energy usage, are familiar examples of a sustainable company approach. These are very important steps towards a sustainable consciousness.

Canon Medical Systems environmental initiative is ISO14001 Accredited.

Working to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

  • ISO14001 Environmental Accreditation
  • 35,000 road miles reduction
  • 50% Electricity usage reduction
  • 100% Renewable electricity
  • 30% reduction in the office gas bill
  • Hybrid Company Car introduction
  • Cycle to work initiative (EasiNetwork)
  • Zero Landfill Waste
  • PAS 2060 Verified Carbon Neutral Operation

Did you Know?

Every year Canon Group encourages its global divisions to switch off lights for an hour. WWF Earth Hour is an initiative to show and share the desire to stop global warming and protect the global environment.

In 2017 283 sites located in 36 countries and regions took part.

Our Achievements are not short lived

  • Canon Medical UK gained ISO14001 accreditation in 2008
  • Between 2007 and 2013 we have reduced the C02 emissions of the company car fleet by more than 32%
  • We have reduced energy usage of our Crawley Head Quarters 
by 54%
  • We have reduced paper usage of the organisation by 15% compared to 2007 usage
  • We have converted to LED lighting throughout, reducing energy usage from lighting by 80% and lighting maintenance/replacement by 200%
  • We have achieved zero landfill for our Head Office in Crawley
  • We have been accredited PAS 2060 since Dec 2014. PAS 2060 is the standard for carbon neutral business
  • Canon Medical UK has been awarded the Silver EcoVadis award which ranks us in the top 20% of all companies assessed. EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted business sustainability rating platform

And abroad

  • Our Nasu factory is built in one of Japan’s national parks. As far back as 1971 waste water from manufacturing was treated on site and sent through the Kio pond in reception before release.

Current Activities

Canon Medical Systems is endeavouring to provide Earth-friendly, patient-friendly medical systems. This fits with our corporate ‘made for life’ goal and we promote activities to improve the environment. The company is now working towards its ‘Fourth Voluntary Environmental Plan’, having set out the ‘First Voluntary Environmental Plan’ as early as 1993.

Canon Medical System’s ‘Fourth Voluntary Environmental Plan’ sets out short-term and long-term environmental milestones. Key activities in achieving these include:

  • Expanding resource recovery by creating a cycle of ‘making, using, returning and reusing’
  • Reducing the use of hazardous substances
  • Developing products that are both Earth-friendly and patient friendly (see below)
  • Monitoring energy invested and discharged over the entire lifecycle of the product
  • Actively reducing waste in manufacturing sites
  • Making efforts to preserve water through extensive water quality control
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions and other exhaust gases